Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year: Coming in 08!

Blueman is suffering from a cold, and is chilling out with Bluewoman watching...West Wing Season 4 tonight. Since I am hopped up on cold meds, I'll probably be asleep well before midnight...anyway...

2007 was a great year of blogging. There are so many people to thank for your advice and support over the past year. I appreciate the comments from the readers. Your feedback is always appreciated!

So, what will Blueman work on in 2008? Lots of the same stuff from 2007, but with perhaps more snarkiness.

Winter Soldier 2008.

Elwyn Tinklenberg's taconite connections.

CD 6 endorsement race coverage.

FEC report tracking.

Candidate interviews HD 19A, 19B, 18B and others.

MinnCan pipeline coming near Cokato.

And more...

Thanks for a great 2007 and best wishes to all of you for 2008!

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