Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MinnMon takes notice of Bob Olson

On the heels of Bob Olson's strong statement on hate crimes legislation, Minnesota Monitor took notice!

Olson continued: "Politics as usual has failed the American people for too long.
I hope leadership finally learns that lesson."

Barack Obama issued an equally strong statement.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama scolded fellow Democrats for not trying harder. "While it is imperative that the Congress move this Defense Authorization bill, I am extremely disappointed that House and Senate negotiators failed to include this important provision in the bill being sent to the President ... All Americans deserve to live their lives without fear of hate driven attacks," the Illinois senator said in a press statement. "Almost 40 years after Congress first enacted a federal hate crimes law, it is our moral obligation to continue striving for equality, and ensure that the federal government, along with state and local jurisdictions, have the tools necessary to effectively prosecute these crimes. Given the rise in hate crimes nationally, failure to pass this vital legislation is truly unacceptable."

Thank you!

Olson's strong statement displays a key difference between himself and Elwyn Tinklenberg. Bob Olson will not "go along to get along" in Congress. He will not compromise his principles over a tough vote, he won't waver.

Bob Olson continues to be a strong moral leader in the 6th CD.

Meanwhile, Tinklenberg seems comfortable asserting his rights under the 5th Amendment of the Constitution...his right to remain silent.

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