Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beyond Sound Bites and Headlines Takes Mark Olson Deep!

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Bluewoman is equally as impressed!

The Republican "Big tent" just got a little smaller.

The State Republican House Caucus voted to permanently remove Rep. Mark Olson from its membership this week.

This marks a stunning change of policy for Republicans who normally only expel homosexuals.

One Big Lake resident I talked to had this to say; “They kicked Mark Olson out? I didn’t know he was gay.”

Mark Olson has been elected 8 times. During his 1st run for office his campaign slogan was the need for term limits.

Mark Olson’s 16 years of service is note worthy for its lack of accomplishments. He is the co-author of the Heritage preservation act which encourages history teachers to teach about the Mayflower pac. I’ve yet to meet a teacher who’s heard of this legislation.

Mark Olson also championed a bill which exempts wedding rings worth less than a few hundred dollars from divorce settlements. He may regret that bill now that he finds himself in a divorce case.

Olson is a strong opponent of the Northstar commuter train which ends in his town. “The train runs both ways” is a favorite saying of Marks, meaning that the train is likely to bring gangs and minorities flooding into the Big Lake area. Currently gangs and minorities have no way of getting to Big Lake as they have to run the gauntlet of police cruisers looking to pull over any minorities north of Brooklyn Park. Sherburne County is one of the whitest Counties in America.

Olson has endeared himself to his fellow House members by using humor in his floor speeches. “The guys really funny” one member said. “He’s not trying to be, but the stuff he says is just so far out there”.

Last year alone Mark has claimed (and I’m not making this up) that tobacco does not cause cancer, pure water is the cure for mental illness, When the polar ice caps melt the sea level will go down, Global warming is a myth put upon us by the weather channel and my favorite: There is a cure for diabetes but the doctors who know of the cure are afraid to revile it because of the thugs at the Diabetes Foundation.

Olson may now find himself in a three way race for his seat. But Olson is confident about his chances. He has secured the pro wife beating vote which is a large constituency in Sherburne County with well over 1500 reported abuse cases per year.

Should Olson not be reelected the burden of being the kookiest house member will be up for grabs. It’s tough to call right now but Rep. Tom Emmer (Buffalo) is fighting hard to take Olson’s place.

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