Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A tale of two websites

In the age of cyber campaigns, websites say a lot about a candidate.

Inspired by a comment at MnBlue!

Elwyn Tinklenberg's site is, well...basic. Standard political spin on the home page, a nice bio, and his press release from his October 1st announcement.

Nothing since...

It begs the question, does he really care? I mean, really! How many labor endorsements has Tinklenberg snagged? Damn near everyone of them. However, since it appears that they are simply going through the motions, there is no mention of any endorsements on his page.

It speaks to the organization and priorities of the campaign as well.

Bob Olson's site is pretty nice. It's definitely not basic!

Olson's site is updated with press releases, has an event calendar, ways for people to volunteer and donate money, and it actually says something.

I think it speaks to the organization of the campaign as well their desire to provide people with as much info as possible.

When Olson snags one of these union endorsements, how long do you think it will take them to post it? Anyone wanna bet it'll be up within 24 hours?

Just some random thoughts on how the campaigns are progressing...that's all!

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