Tuesday, December 04, 2007

CD 6 Labor Endorsements: The fix is in?

Beyond Sound Bites and Headlines has an excellent post that discusses the issues.

Clearly the powers that be, The DCCC, Union bosses and Oberstar have decided that this process should be taken out of the hands of those of us who endorsed Patty last election. To endorse without a screening or even a meeting seems incredible to those of us who are naive enough to believe in our Democratic system.
At least 3 unions endorsed without even screening candidates, the pipe fitters, hotel workers and the laborers each endorsed without even a screening.

I guess that's what I'm having difficulty grasping. If our ultimate goal in 2008 is to defeat Congresswoman Bachmann, why wouldn't those united in this task screen all candidates and select the a candidate who can actually win?

Simply put, Tinklenberg is being anointed by labor in the 6th, and while I support labor, I have a hard time supporting back room deals to anoint a lessor candidate.

Tinklenberg has a "past", and it's much deeper than this. While he is popular with many, his actions as the Transportation Commissioner and his quick tongue shortly after the August 1st 35W Bridge collapse will haunt him.

People are tired of status quo politicians who are "in it for a buck".

Has Tinklenberg answered the question about what will come of his Transportation Lobby firm if he is elected to Congress? Surely he will serve on a transportation committee.

How many of his cronies will profit from Tinklenberg being elected to Congress?

Never mind the fact that the last social conservative that ran as a DFLer only gained 35% in the 6th.

How will Elwyn reach out to "Klobuchar Republicans"?

On the 29th of this month Oberstar is hosting a fund raiser for Tinklenberg in Washington DC with all of his Transportation lobbyist supporters.

It must be noted that Bob Olson is trying to bring 3 new manufacturing plants to our area. Two wind turbine and one Hydrogen powered bus plants. Currently only one turbine plant exists in this country and it is represented by the Steel workers in Pennsylvania. The rest come from Europe.

You would think that Unions would want to expand the manufacturing base here in the 6th. You would think that the UAW would be worried about where its Ford workers are going to find jobs next year. It may have been nice if they had at least talked to Bob.

I guess it was too much to ask.
Indeed, the fix appears to be in...

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