Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ashwin Madia op ed

From the Minnesota Daily.
It's amazing to me how many people who have no problem sending 18- and 19-year-old kids thousands of miles to Iraq to fight - and even die - in the Iraq war are concerned about sending a 30-year-old to Washington to end it and advocate on veterans' behalf. They are so adjusted to the paradigm that young people have no place in our process that it baffles them when we step forward to contribute to our national discussion. I want to change that paradigm. We are all in this together. The Iraq war, fiscal irresponsibility, global warming, health care unavailability, and the assault on our civil liberties affect all of us - young, elderly and middle-aged alike, and we've all got something to add to this conversation.

Go read the op ed in its entirety. Listening to Ashwin's radio ads and hearing the buzz from party activists I know, Madia is the real deal.

Perhaps I will have to check this out for myself at the SD 41 hosted CD 3 candidate forum tomorrow in Bloomington. 2 pm, Bloomington City Council Chambers.

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