Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bob Olson live blog at Minnesota Monitor! Update

Check out Bob Olson blogging live at Minnesota Monitor tonight at 6:30! Check this stuff out!!!


Bob is kickin ass so far!!!

Muse: Bob, How do you feel your campaign will do amongst independent voters? In what ways would a Bob Olson candidacy appeal to those people in the middle?

Bob: Michele Bachmann only received 50.04 percent of the vote in 2006. Hardly a mandate and that was before people outside her old state Senate district knew a lot about her.
I think independent voters are looking for a new direction. This is a change year.
Michele Bachmann has spent the last 8 years trying to scare and divide voters. I've been in the business world working on the big issues affecting our economy -- home ownership, higher education, health care, energy. I think people will see the distinction.

Education question:

Muse: As an educator I am concerned about the addition of Julie Quist of Edwatch to the Bachmann team. How will you effectively defend public education against this organization? Also, what is the biggest difference between yourself and Michele Bachmann on education issues?

Bob: Thanks for your work in education. I've always said that the Middle Class in this country was built on two things: the labor movement and strong public education.
That Mrs. Bachmann is bringing extreme elements into her office is no surprise to anyone who has studied her career.
I believe local, state and federal government has a vested interest in supporting public education. The best I can tell, Mrs. Bachmann does not.
The reason I'm able to run for Congress today is because of the strong start I got in life as a public school student.

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