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Olson confident of endorsement chances: Tinklenberg's conflicting statements

A nice story by ECM Publications.

Bob Olson sounds confident.

Asked whether he was concerned that the DFL 6th District congressional endorsement convention was being held in Andover — within a few miles of the city where rival Elwyn Tinklenberg served as mayor for years — Olson waved away the geographical proximity.

“We could have it in his backyard if we want,” said Olson.
We love confidence in our candidates!

Another thing many of us respect with Olson is that, when we send him to Congress, he will not simply "go along to get along".

“Democrats elected Democrats to go to Congress to make some changes,” said Olson.

“And the Democrats have not made those changes — every Iraq funding bill George Bush wanted the Democratic Congress gave to him,” he said.

More spine needed

“Since we had a Democratic Congress there is not one less uninsured child because of people like Mrs. Bachmann and because our Democrats in Congress need more spine,” Olson said.

In answer to a reporter’s question what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might think of his assertion, Olson gave a quick answer.

“She’d probably agree,” he said.

The comments got interesting around the choice issue.

Olson is Pro Choice

Olson looks to the issue of abortion as separating himself from his DFL rival. “I’m Pro Choice,” he said. “I respect a women’s right to privacy. I just don’t think the government should get involved,” said Olson.

His and Tinklenberg’s views are not the same, Olson maintains.“No, he’s (Tinklenberg) saying he’s ‘Pro Life,’” said Olson. “Sometimes when you listen to Elwyn, and if you listen closely, you don’t know what he meant,” said Olson.

Olson must be “a little disparate” to suggest that he is Pro Life, said Tinklenberg. “He knows better,” said Tinklenberg.

He’s not interested in seeing Roe v. Wade overturned, nor criminalizing the relationship between a woman and her doctor, said Tinklenberg. Rather, he supports education, prevention, and other tactics to reduce the number of abortions. “I believe that is ‘Pro Life,’” Tinklenberg said.

I think Elwyn was trying to call Olson "desperate". If that's the case, Elwyn Tinklenberg ought to examine his previous statements before he calls Olson "desperate".

“Sometimes when you listen to Elwyn, and if you listen closely, you don’t know what he meant." It's quite possibly a quote that is the understatement of the campaign thus far.

Lets delve into some examples of Elwyn saying something where you can misunderstand what he's saying.

On Iraq:

2005: He would have voted for the Iraq War, Tinklenberg explained, based on the information provided at the time. But Tinklenberg criticized the Bush Administration for poor planning. It's not just a matter of when the United States should pull out of Iraq but what will happen to the people left behind, he explained.

2007: “While there’s not a lot of consensus on what the path should be, they absolutely reject the idea we should do a status quo thing,” he said. Stepping back to the larger issue of preemptive war — invading a country because its deemed a threat rather than waiting to be attacked — Tinklenberg indicated he would not take such a vote. “I certainly cannot imagine a situation in which I would support the use of a preemptive military strike,” he said. “That’s one of those hypothetical things that you don’t know what in the world the conditions would be,” said Tinklenberg.

So, in 2005 he supported a preemptive invasion based on "the information available at the time" but in 2007 does not support one?

On the DFL endorsement:

11/15/07: "I supported the party's endorsed candidate before," he said of his 2006 endorsement loss to Patty Wetterling. "I will certainly do that again."

12/13/07: "We will honor the endorsement if it is an honorable and straight forward process."

Did Elwyn Tinklenberg just tell us that previous CD 6 endorsing conventions were not honorable and straight forward?

On Federal Lobbyists:

12/13/07: "We do not lobby at the Federal level." Was also said again at a recent Wright County DFL meeting.

AFSCME Screener: "I am currently president of The Tinklenberg Group, a consultancy which specializes in transportation, marketing and public relations. Among my clients was the United States Department of Transportation where I worked with the Office of the Secretary and the surface modal administrations on a review of the organization and focus of the Intelligent Transportation Systems programs of the Joint Programs Office."

Albertville Minnesota City Council Minutes:

City Administrator Kruse addressed the Council asking what their wishes were after they had a chance to hear what Mr. Tinklenberg had to share with them. Does the Council wish to go ahead with hiring Mr. Tinklenberg as a Lobbyist to represent Albertville?

Mayor Peterson feels Albertville needs to go ahead with hiring a lobbyist. Council member Fay was in favor of hiring a lobbyist but has hopes of getting some funds in return. Council member Berning was not much in favor of hiring a lobbyist at this point. Council member Vetsch was new and was hesitant on hiring a lobbyist. Council member Klecker agreed with Peterson and Fay to go ahead with hiring a lobbyist.

Council understood the need to action now because Congress is back in session if the City wants to get any financial assistance from the federal and state levels.

City Administrator Kruse wanted to clarify with City Attorney Couri how would the City draft the contract between the City of Albertville and Mr. Tinklenberg. Some discussion ensued about how to structure an agreement.

MOTION BY Mayor Peterson, seconded by Council member Fay to have staff work with Mr. Tinklenberg to outline a work plan and an agreement for Tinklenberg to Lobby for I-94 funding and report back to the January 18, 2005 Council meeting. Mayor Peterson, Council members Fay, Klecker, and Vetsch voted aye. Council member Berning voted nay. Motion carried.

Excuse me, but "Congress" and I-94 funding would seem to be a strong indicator that one were lobbying at "the Federal level".

More to follow on Tinklenberg's federal lobbying work...

Social Issues:

2005: Tinklenberg opposes legalized abortion, favors gun rights and supports a federal ban on gay marriage, provided there are some legal protections in place for gay couples. Those views are to the right of many Democrats, but could play well in the socially conservative 6th district.


He declared himself a Pro Life Democrat a different position on abortion than child safety advocate and Democrat Patty Wetterling ran on last election in the district. "Its (Pro Life) been my perspective since the early days of my life as a minister," said Tinklenberg.

And Ewlyn Tinklenberg, 2008 version has the nerve to call Olson "desperate" With the ever changing positions of Mr Tinklenberg, it's easy to see why delegates wonder who this guy really is!

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