Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DFL candidates in CD 2 and CD 6 speak out!

DFL Party, Congressional Candidates Denounce Bachmann and Kline's Votes to Uphold Bush's SCHIP Veto

St. Paul, MN (January 23, 2008) Representatives Michele Bachmann and John Kline voted today for the fifth time to deny 30,000 uninsured Minnesota children access to affordable healthcare, by voting to uphold President Bush's second veto of the renewal and expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

In response, the four candidates for DFL endorsement in the Second and Sixth Congressional Districts joined with the DFL Party to denounce Bachmann and Kline for consistently putting the Republican Party line before the needs of Minnesota families.

"Michele Bachmann has proven that her out-of-touch and mean-spirited agenda has no room for working families," said Sixth Congressional District DFL candidate Bob Olson. "That she continues to put the president's political demands ahead of the needs of poor children is absolutely shameful."

Dan Powers, who is running as a DFLer in the Second District said, "Once again partisan politics comes before children. When will our children matter enough for the Republicans? Programs like an expanded SCHIP can really make a positive difference for families in the long term. Kline's fifth vote against it is one more reason to vote for change in the Second District."

"Good people in our country disagree about exactly how to fix our country's broken healthcare system," said Steve Sarvi, Second District DFL candidate. "But most Americans agree that we should be able to take care of our children. By voting not to override President Bush's veto, Representative Kline has once again failed to act in the interest of the people he is supposed to represent. The Second District simply can't handle another two years without an advocate in Congress."

"It's a sad day when Republicans block a much-needed initiative for millions of families who are experiencing the reality of the healthcare crisis in America," said Sixth Congressional District DFL candidate Elwyn Tinklenberg. "Michele Bachmann voted to uphold the president's veto despite her claim to support 'family values.' For her, supporting the president meant abandoning our children."

"Minnesotans are ready for change — they are ready for real leadership that puts our children and families first," said Minnesota DFL Chair Brian Melendez. "But Michele Bachmann and John Kline just don't get it: over and over again they've put corporate special interests and blind partisanship ahead of the interests of Minnesota children and families."

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