Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Tinklenberg website woes

Big E at MN Blue takes a look at the "new" Tinklenberg 2008 site.

Big E, at least they fixed "Michele" on the front page press release! That only took 3 days to go from "Michelle" to "Michele".

Dump Bachmann takes them to task for their web hosting. They are right. Look for the site and it comes up with a pretty strange domain name,

Is fund raising that bad? Looks like with their recent website changes, they have gone from bad to worse.

While not website related, Political Muse has another Olson piece up as well!

If this were the NFL, I'd have been flagged a week ago for excessive celebration...but what can I say, I am excited for the progress Olson is continuing to make. I agree with Muse. Olson has had a great week. Great radio interviews on both AM 950 and KRWC, AM 1360 in Buffalo, some great exposure from other blogs, and a rumor of a Startribune story in the works.

Olson is starting to hit his stride. With the great organization he has behind him and a strong grassroots effort, Olson is well positioned for success in November 08.

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eric zaetsch said...

Blue Man - this one has been on that site for over a month - last paragraph:

“I promise you, that as your representative in congress, I will not stand by and let this opportunity pass. I will always remember that bridge and the message from the people who where so moved by its collapse,” Tinklenberg said.

If you aim to climb to Congress on the mayhem, death, and injury of that bridge collapse, say "people who were so moved" rather than screw up in a way spell check misses, ("where" being correctly spelled), and human review appears deficient.

Sure, it is a detail. But someone with that well coifed hairdo and persona projects as a person who gets all the details correct.