Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eric Z on Tinklenberg's East Bethel cash cow

Eric has the documents from East Bethel and Tinklenberg's lobb...err...consultative work on some Federal money for their Transportation needs.

Just click on the document at Developers are Crabgrass and you'll see it all for yourself.

He follows up with a recent story about
The Tinklenberg Group would maintain contact with federal offices, congressional leaders and staff representatives for the House and Senate and work closely with Eighth District Congressman Jim Oberstar and his staff to garner strong support. Oberstar chairs the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

The firm would include maps and graphics, resolutions of support, project information sheets and other documents in the applications to increase chances of receiving the funds.

The timeline calls for The Tinklenberg Group to compile appropriations and re-authorization applications over the next two months and mail the material in March. They would follow-up and answer questions with Congressional staff after that.

But...they don't lobb...errr, consult at a Federal level? At least according to Elwyn and both of the lobbying disclosure sites for both the House and the Senate...

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