Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Olson's leadership continues to earn notice

Other blogs besides Central Minnesota blogs have finally picked up on the leadership of Bob Olson on many of the issues important to us.

The mainstream media is catching on as well. Check out Olson's radio interview at AM 950 last night.

Olson's Leadership Continues to Earn Notice

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ANOKA—Bob Olson's strong condemnation of Michele Bachmann's comments that Minnesota is the "workingest" state because more people are working longer hours and taking extra jobs has not gone unnoticed.

Activists and political observers across Minnesota were quick to note Olson's leadership on pointing out the congresswoman's out-of-touch remarks.

From mnpACT! (Jan. 17):
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Michele Bachmann has a way with words doesn't she? "I am so proud to be from the state of Minnesota. We're the workingest state in the country, and the reason why we are, we have more people that are working longer hours, we have people that are working two jobs." …DFL Candidate Bob Olson didn't hesitate to call her out on this insult to Minnesota workers: "Folks don't take extra hours or extra jobs for fun, congresswoman," said Olson in a statement.

"They're trying to survive. If you got out and talked to real folks, not handpicked audiences, you'd realize that health care costs are soaring; that college tuition is beyond the reach of many deserving students; and that gas prices are putting a pinch on many families—resulting in higher prices at the grocery store." Candidate Olson seems to understand that Minnesotans, who are part of the "workingest" class, are the ones that are handling his job interview. They are the ones who will decide whether Ms. Bachmann gets to continue to work for THEM. And they could very well decide that its time for the "President kisser" to be given an opportunity to hold down a few other jobs of her own.

From Minnesota Campaign Report (Jan. 17):
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Michele Bachmann, representing Minnesota's Sixth district, has caused a little tizzy with comments that seem to suggest she is proud that many Minnesotans work two jobs. Given Bachmann's knack for putting strange contexts and altered realities into play, there might be some wiggle room in these comments to say she didn't mean what it looks like she meant. Nevertheless, one of the candidates seeking to unseat her this year, DFLer Bob Olson, released a statement last night condemning the comments. No word yet on whether "workingest" is a valid word for the Congressional Register.

From MinnPost.com (Jan. 18):
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When Bob Olson, a DFL candidate for the 6th District seat now held by Bachmann, learned of those comments, he immediately took a big, hard swing at his potential November foe. (Olson first must get past fellow DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg. )

"Mrs. Bachmann may celebrate the fact that more Minnesotans have to work extra hours and take on a second job to make ends meet, but I see it as cause for alarm,'" Olson said. "... I understand that you're putting lipstick on our pig of an economy because the president you blindly support is running America into the ground, but touting the hardships that too many families from St. Cloud to Woodbury are enduring is absolutely offensive."

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