Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jack Nelson Pallmeyer endorsed by Progressive Action

A great endorsement for JNP!
“Progressive Action’s mission is to help carry on the legacy of the late Senator Paul Wellstone,” Progressive Action President Barb Olsen commented. “Progressive Action members voted to support Jack because they believe he’s the candidate who can best carry on that legacy and because Jack is right on the issues. Issues like ending the war in Iraq, pressing for universal single-payer health care, and finding alternatives to our country’s dependence on oil, all of which Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is far stronger on than any other DFL candidate. And Jack is an incredibly effective campaigner, as anyone knows who saw him handily take the recent debate at St. Scholastica in Duluth.”

Another glowing endorsement for Jack. Bluewoman and I are looking forward to seeing him again in Buffalo Saturday, perhaps I can convince her that we should go to Winona on Sunday...

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