Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MnBlue on Tinklenberg

Two Putt Tommy writes...
That said, what’s coming out of the Sixth District, cannot be ignored.

I’ve heard that those questioning El Tinklenberg’s lobbying, er, ‘scuse me, “consulting” activities simply have an axe to grind because THEY have a dog in the hunt. I’ve heard those questioning Tink saying it needs to be vetted now, because if we don’t do it now, Bachmann’s Bootlickers will do it later – and they’re simply doing due-diligence duty at the time due diligence is supposed to be done.

I happen to side with the latter. Quite frankly, what I’ve seen and heard, reeks. And if it’s true, it needs to be aired out, and aired out now; and if it’s not true, it needs to be STOPPED. NOW.Folks reading this can take the motivation of those that sent the letter to the U.S Attorney’s office any way they want; what they cannot deny is they pushed this issue to a “Put Up Or Shut Up” point.

And in the vetting of candidates, a “Put Up Or Shut Up” point is always a good thing.

Afterall, this is really about beating Michele Bachmann isn't it?

No one wanted to talk about it. We've been talking about vetting our candidates for MONTHS now. Seriously, months.

So while some work hard to discredit the countless hours of work many of us have put in vetting the records of both Olson and Tinklenberg, I stand proud of the work we have done. Read that last sentence again, we're digging through Olson's past as well doing these searches of public records, etc.

Tommy is right. Many of us see this as a public service we are doing, since others across the 6th would rather bury their heads in the sand and hope Bachmann and the Republicans can't find this stuff.

I wanna beat Bachmann. It's that simple. From my perspective right now, from what many of us have been able to find, one of our candidates has enough baggage to fill the hull of a C5. It does not fit neatly in the overhead compartment nor under the seat in front of you.

Lastly, if both candidates records were anonymous, and one had to guess which one was the banker/tax attorney and which one was the former Methodist minister, based purely on their'd guess wrong!

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thelonelyranger said...

Amen to that! I smell a big furry rat. I applaud those with the courage to pose these questions rather than stick their heads in the sand as too many would have us do. All to often Mr. Tinklenberg has taken a firm stance on both sides of the fence. He is in danger of giving former preachers a bad name. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.