Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Larry Craig: WTF?

Seriously! Watching the news tonight, the New Hampshire Primary and the Timberwolves 5th win of the season, it was the Senator Larry Craig story that drew my ire tonight.
An appeals brief filed Tuesday contends that Minnesota's disorderly conduct law "requires that the conduct at issue have a tendency to alarm or anger 'others'" underscoring the plural nature of the term.

Wow, a desperate act by an even more desperate man, but it gets better!
Craig's legal team argues that the hand signal allegedly used to communicate a desire to engage in sexual conduct would be constitutionally protected speech.

Why all this BS? I used to think it was because he was a bi-sexual man. It turns out, if he fulfils his current Senate term through 2009, Senator Craig will be eligible for a Senate pension worth $103,000 annually.

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