Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Muse covers Tarryl Clark healthcare listening session

Just up the road from my Wright County Outpost, in St Cloud, State Senator Tarryl Clark hosted a health care listening session. Present at the listening session were Senator Clark, Senator John Marty (Nancy Larson's running mate!), and State Reps Haws, Hosch and Gottwalt.

Political Muse covered the event, with YouTubes! Check them out!

Muse posts a handout from Senator Marty on health care reform
In order to keep Minnesotans healthy and provide the best quality of health care, our health care system must:
(1) Ensure all Minnesotans receive high quality health care, regardless of their income;
(2) Not restrict, delay, or deny care or reduce the quality of care to hold down costs, but instead reduce costs through prevention, efficiency, and reduction of bureaucracy;
(3) Cover all necessary care, including all coverage currently required by law, complete mental health services, chemical dependency treatment, prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies, dental care, long term care, and home care services;
(4) Allow patients to choose their own providers;
(5) Be funded through premiums and other payments based on the person's ability to pay, so as not to deny full access to all Minnesotans;
(6) Focus on preventative care and early intervention to improve the health of all Minnesotans and reduce costs from untreated illnesses and diseases;
(7) Ensure and adequate number of qualified health care professionals and facilities to guarantee availability of, and timely access to quality care throughout the state;
(8) Continue Minnesota's leadership in medical education, training, research, and technology;
(9) Provide adequate and timely payments to providers.

Compare this to what the House GOP Caucus plan, unveiled by Rep Marty Seifert at the Hutchinson Townhall meeting on October 16, 2007.
Crushing health care costs: Marty's plan
1. Monopolistic Control: 4 non-profits provide 80% of the HMO insurance. Open up competition, prices go down.
2. More mandates on private health care. Allow for cafeteria plans.
3. MN Care tax repealed.
4. Reform welfare system. 4-6,000 people move to the state every year to take advantage of Minnesota's benefits. EFC cards: You can take them to an ATM and get cash for the casino, 6 pack of beer and smokes.
5. Reform torts. Avg cost of malpractice is $100,000-200,000 per doctor. $11-1200 per baby pays for the malpractice insurance. Trial lawyer lobby...take on the Army of Lobbyists, the Welfare Rights people, trial lawyers. Rise up...
6. Pass tax credits to get Government out of Health care and allow the people to choose your doctor and hospital.

House GOP plan vs. Senate DFL plan? Senate DFL everyday and twice on Sunday. I'd love to see Marty Sieferts sample size for determining the cost per child for malpractice insurance. Anyone wanna bet he used Lyon County stats and the proportionally lower birth rates as opposed to at least a statewide figure?

Another interesting post by the Muse had to do with Rep Gottwalt's inappropriate mannerisms when a woman spoke of her personal experiences with Canadian Health Care.

Nice catch Muse! Kind of like Rep Urdahl essentially blowing off a Litchfield City Council member's question about cuts to LGA.

How bad is it getting out here in Greater Minnesota? The City's may soon be responsible for doing all the sanding and salting of State and US Highway's through our area.

All this for "no new taxes", until our local governments are forced to raise our property taxes to compensate that is...

So, do you trust a Republican who is looking to gut your state's infrastructure (LGA, Transportation, Education) with making a life and death decision on health care?

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