Thursday, January 10, 2008

Experience loses out

The most experienced candidate for President, regardless of party, is apparently set to close up shop.

My blog has highlighted the fact that I am, errrr, was a big Kucinich guy. Kucinich was the most progressive candidate, but even contemplating the idea of running with Mr Revolution, Ron Paul, began to turn me off.

Bill Richardson does not have the panache of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or John Edwards. But he has as much experience as that group combined. Multiple terms as a US Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations, Secretary of Energy, and most recently, Governor of New Mexico.

He's not the candidate celebrity, just a damn good candidate. I am hoping he becomes the Democratic VP candidate, using his experience behind one of the candidates with lessor experience.

I had hoped that Richardson would at least stick it out until the February 5th precinct caucuses. Looks like Blueman will have to find someone else to vote for.

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Minnesota Central said...

Don’t get me started about Dennis Kucinich. I spent some time in Cleveland which produced some colorful mayors. Carl Stokes (D) – the first Black mayor of a major city – was Johnny Carson … so smooth; he could sell snow to an Eskimo. Ralph Perk (R) got his hair caught on fire … really. Then came the “boy” … rallying the ethnic vote, Kucinich was overmatched and the city went bankrupt. Then George Voinovich (R) … a Republican who turned the city around … Voinovich sits on the Foreign Relations Committee with Norm Coleman, and although Coleman says he loves former mayors, Voinovich and Coleman have been at odds over major issues (Bolton’s confirmation, Iraq) Then came Mike White (D) who is a college classmate. By far, Kucinich was the worst … I was shocked when he got elected to the Ohio legislature and Congress.

And Richardson hits me as the consummate schmoozer. His lack of knowledge is evident whenever he speaks (and I am not talking about Whizzer White or gays) but about substantive issues like Iraq. At the New Hampshire debate he said :
Is the Maliki government intensifying its efforts to train the Iraqi security forces more than they have? No. “
Wrong Over the past year, Iraqi security forces have grown by more than 100,000.

Is there any end to Iran's efforts to bring terrorist activities to Iraq? No. “
By the basis of the comment, Richardson is endorsing the concept that Iran is bringing terrorist to Iraq. DOD and the White House would like you to believe that, but if that were the case, how come America has not caught Iranians in acts of terror? Why is Iran building power plants in Iraq … to blow them up? Iran is Shiite and they would want to prop up the al-Maliki Shiite government. There are Shiite holy shrines that Iranians pilgrimage to annually … why would they want to return to the days of Saddam’s interference. Iran doesn’t want America to occupy Iraq so prolonging the occupation by supporting terrorists does not make sense. And remember al Qaeda is primarily a Sunni-based organization, so Iran’s Shiites have no reason to support it.
Richardson may look good on paper, but he’s paper thin … and definitely not qualified to be a “heartbeat” away.
The Democrats have a choice … $4 gas or $2 gas. Bush’s saber-rattling with Iran (that continues today) has added $35 to a barrel of oil just this year … so what do you want ? Clinton is Bush-lite with a heavy defense posture … $4 per gallon worth. Obama is from the Foreign Relations Committee and is willing to talk with the Iranians … $2 per gallon.
And if your concerned about experience, yes, Richardson has held a number of positions, but look at Obama who has spent time in the trenches … in community action groups … in the state legislature … and in the Senate – versus—someone who has only been elected to one office.
I personally think an Obama-Edwards or Obama-Bayh ticket would be a winner … a Clinton-Anybody ticket would assure a McCain presidency.