Thursday, January 10, 2008

Startribune Blog House slaps Brodkorb...and Carey too!

Needless to say, it made this snowy day just a tad bit more tolerable!

They chided Ron Carey for his endorsement of Mike Huckabee, with good reason.

However, they saved their best jabs for Michael Brodkorb.
Delicious irony

After DFLer Kevin Dahle defeated Republican Ray Cox in the Senate District 25 special election last week, blogger Michael Brodkorb wrote, "Negative politics works ... . According to sources close to the race, the DFL didn't spend any money on promoting a positive message about Dahle." Considering the level of issues analysis and thoughtful debate found on Brodkorb's blog, Minnesota Democrats Exposed (10), he'd better count on negative politics working. Otherwise, he'd be out of a job.

Any PA and Dubay listeners amongst the Blueman readership?


We're still waiting for Mikey to post the negative mailings...

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