Friday, January 11, 2008

More on Tinklenberg's Federal Lobbying

Recall the SD 19 Buffalo Meeting about a month and a half ago in which Elwyn Tinklenberg told an interested delegate that they do not lobby the Federal Government.

Also recall that for $3,000 a month, Tinklenberg and his group will keep the "I-94 project" for Albertville before the eyes of decision makers on a Federal Level. off the presses, from a recent Ramsey City Council planning session. I'll try to get the entire document posted later. Here are a few wonderful highlights!
The Tinklenberg Group has identified the following tasks as part of an aggressive strategy designed to utilize the capacity and facility immediately available in Ramsey.

-Upon successful receipt of the Resolution contact Senator Coleman and Senator Klobuchar to inform them of the request to include Ramsey s station and efforts underway enlist their support to ensure successful inclusion.
-Communicate with other influential Congressional representatives to ensure support and assistance in expediting the process.
-Develop necessary correspondence project overviews and presentations as
appropriate and directed.

Media Relations / Communications

-Promote the use of the Ramsey station with press releases FAQ s and articles to local and regional media outlets including local newspapers the Star Tribune and the Star Tribune Editorial Board.
-Capitalize on the opportunity positive press will have on the Ramsey Town Center enlist key business owners and representatives to engage in events, meetings, and other venues as appropriate to reflect community support and further influence policy makers.


-Upon successful acceptance of the City s Resolution for inclusion of the station site in Ramsey meet with staff and council to quickly determine what a federal funding application would include and at what dollar amount.
-Draft application for FY08 Federal Appropriations request supporting materials and project information.
-Communication with key staff in Senators Coleman and Klobuchars offices to ensure visibility for the project and garner support for receiving funds.
-Coordinate events meetings and other opportunities for congressional leaders to learn about the project and ultimately support funding.
-Monitor application process with local and Washington D C staff.


Work on the Ramsey Commuter Rail Station Park and Ride will be billed under the existing contract and at the direction of city staff. It is anticipated that this work will be completed within approximately four five months; the cost for these services will not exceed an average of $4,000 00 per month.

We'll post more later on the scandal plagued Ramsey Town Center. The notes from this meeting raise many questions for me.

First of all, why would Elwyn deceive delegates in Wright County by saying he does not lobby at the Federal Level?

Secondly, searching the registered lobbyist database for both the House and the Senate, no one from the Tinklenberg Group (that I can find) is registered to lobby Congress. What's going on with that?

Many lobbyists serve a great function. Going to the capitol and educating our elected leaders on higher education issues, veterans issues, and others is a noble cause.

If you're lobbying for a just and noble cause, why do you have to lie to delegates about your activities?

It's hard to support a candidate for Congress who cannot tell us the straight answer.

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