Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

...who's the most negative blogger of them all?

Why of course it's Mr Brodkorb over at Minnesota Democrats Exposed. Mr MDE posted a few days ago that "negative politics works", of course citing all the negative mailings and radio ads paid for by the DFL.

Typically, Mikey is quick to post these hit pieces by the DFL. We've yet to see one...

Keep in mind that Brobkorb's "negative politics" on Tim Walz and Keith Ellison failed miserably.

A week ago Brodkorb was pimping the fact that Ray Cox had raised nearly $40,000 while Dahle lagged behind at about $10,000.

In the end, Cox spent over $29,000 in the race, compared to about $12,000 for Dahle, and got beat by 13 points.

Typically, Brodkorb's rants go mostly ignored my most lefty bloggers. But when Brodkorb's rants get Drew Emmer, Mitch Berg and others fired up, it's just too hard for a lefty blogger to not point all this out.

Drew, the winner of MDE's inaugural "man not in the arena" award, drew Brodkorb's ire after his post at Wright County Republican.

Emmer hurls the conspiracy theory forward, that the Startribune, by endorsing Cox, covertly coveted Dahle for the seat.

The media had carefully set the story up as to appear to be a sure thing for Ray Cox to hold the seat for the GOP.

Wow, really? Conservatives ought to read the Strib more. Whether it's Kevin Diaz downplaying the "Bachmann grope", promoting the GOP candidates in CD 1 while ignoring the DFL candidates in CD 6, the Day immigration stories, and the Conservative spin to the "politically connected" page, the Startribune is far from the Liberal cage liner the Conservatives make it out to be.

Emmer also takes a shot at those pesky college students, blaming the DFL's "coy manipulation of same day registration" and higher than expected student turnout.

Excuse me, but same day registration is perfectly legal and surely will continue to come under fire by the shrinking minority in the Minnesota House and Senate.

Those pesky college students were not alone in this task. Gasp, Al Franken and Tim Walz showed up! Emmer and Brodkorb fail to point out that the Strib pointed out that Governor Pawlenty was down stumping for Cox as well.

I'm surprised they just don't blame Pawlenty for this loss!

Mitch Berg rode in to try and save Drew as well, which got him an honorable mention as a "man not in the arena" award winner.

From the sidelines, watching this righty blogger threesome duke it out is rather entertaining. The comment thread over at MDE is rather interesting to say the least.

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