Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bachmann's FEC Report

Check it out here.

Just over $216,000 raised in the 4th Quarter, $81,000 from Political Action Committee's, or around 37% of her campaign fundraising this quarter.

About $1.24 million in total receipts, roughly $387,500 in total coming from Political Action Committee's, about 31% of her total take thus far.

Thus far, Bachmann has just over $796,000 cash on hand.

A deeper breakdown of Bachmann's PAC gains is interesting.

Koch PAC, the pipeline company putting another line through the heart of her district has given her a total of $10,000, $5,000 this quarter.

Walmart, Home Depot, Qwest, Pepsi, Northwest Airlines, and Federal Express also provided large sums of money to Bachmann.

Big Tobacco gave to Bachmann as well, RJ Reynolds: $2000 total, $1000 this period.

The Financial/Insurance Industry is Bachmann's biggest corporate contributor though.

American Express
American Financial Services PAC
American Institute of CPA's (Is this where Mark Kennedy got his new gig?)
Bank of NY Mellon Corp
Financial Services Institute
Financial Services Roundtable
Genworth Financial Inc.
Hartford Advocates Fund
Natl Assoc. of Mutual Insurance

At least $27,000 have come from these PAC's. No wonder Congresswoman Bachmann is ignorant of the home foreclosure plight in Central Minnesota, she's being paid off by Countrywide and other financial groups to look out for their best interests, pushing her constituents under the bus.

Her expenditures are interesting as well.

In the 4th Quarter alone, Bachmann spent $21,000 on fundraising consulting through Fundraising Associates of MN.

Her campaign also spent over $25,000 in PAC fundraising expenses through Mike Gula & Associates, in Washington DC.

I took a brief look at Dick Day and Randy Demmer's stuff as well.

How can the mainstream media portray an actual race in the "Fighting First" when Day has about as much as Tinklenberg and Olson while Demmer has raised about half of what any of these other campaigns has?

We have a race in the 6th!

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eric zaetsch said...

Without looking at her disclosure, if I read your reporting right, Michele Bachmann has far more in the coffers than Tinklenberg and Olson put together. That is sobering. It will allow her a mailings war advantage against whoever comes out the endorsed DFL challenger. Which of the two can pull a "Tim Walz" against that kind of a war chest? Which has the better appearance of being fresh and new, with fresh, new, and trustworthy ideas?

How it plays out will be a civics lesson for the younger Americans in the district. We can only hope.