Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Developers are Crabgrass: Continuing coverage of Tinklenberg's lobbying

Eric Z continues his important work in exposing the lobbying ties of Elwyn Tinklenberg as well as some comparisons with Bob Olson.

Eric has sent a request to the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board asking about Tinklenberg's lobbying activities since he rescinded his State Lobbying certification in December 2007. He is still not registered at the Federal Level.
I am uncertain what accounting for time Elwyn Tinklenberg might/might not make for his nonregistration meeting some loophole exemption criteria, and/or his Group members not registering as paid Ramsey lobbyists. It appears there is prima facie evidence of a lobbying contract without registration; and how it might/might not fit a loophole within Lobbyist reporting/registration requirements per Minn. Stat. §10A and Minn. Rules Chapters 4501 - 4525 would not be for me to speculate not knowing all facts, but for Tinklenberg in responding to investigative inquiry to justify by opening his books and time records to prove an exception might apply to counter the prima facie showing.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Other recent posts by Eric Z include:

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And last but not least, a few comparisons between Olson and Tinklenberg.
Olson has none of the downside baggage Tinklenberg has. He has shown strong leadership potential, and a willingness to seize an issue that others might shy away from. In particular, it took courage for Olson to publicly call Tinklenberg to task for hiding who he is from the voters, his lobbying and the truthful dimensions of its extent, profitability, conflicting interests, and its duration and present continuance. Tinklenberg has so far only ducked and covered. Ducking and hiding from a direct confrontation is not courage, it is cowardice. It is not the kind of bold and dynamic leadership and honest demeanor you'd want in Congress.

With some big County Unit and Senate District conventions coming up soon, we'll be anxiously awaiting any mainstream media exposure this race gets.

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