Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quimby helps the right wingers with math

Across the Great Divide has a post up about some of the math behind the gas tax increase, specifically towards an analogy Rep Dan Severson used on the floor of the House.
Since the bill raises the money over 10 years, that's actually 3%.

Okay, but it was the "biggest tax increase in Minnesota history," right? Well, possibly. I can't find that history book out here in Colorado, but I know that's the way history generally works. Stuff that happens later in history — especially where population growth is involved — is bigger than stuff that happened earlier.

But if we hadn't waited 2o years, it might not have been a tax increase at all.

Good work Charlie!

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Charlie Quimby said...

Thanks. I should've done a little better.

Reading your post made me realize the second quotation in my post should've been more clearly attributed to a blogger, since some might think that was also said by Rep. Severson.

Severson just failed to do the math, while blogger made the wrong calculation.

I've made the change.