Monday, February 18, 2008

Jack Nelson Pallmeyer story in Duluth paper

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“I was an Al Franken supporter until I heard Jack speak a few months ago, and he just blew me away. He’s clearly better on the issues than Al,’’ party host Peter Boyle said to the group of more than 50 people gathered in his home.

Nelson-Pallmeyer is a favorite among the DFL’s progressive wing, and he has support from several local DFL leaders such as St. Louis County Commissioner Steve O’Neil, St. Louis County Attorney Melanie Ford and Duluth City Councilor Sharla Gardner.

“I’ve known Jack since about 1979 … and he’s very bright, he really knows all the issues and he can stand toe-to-toe with Norm Coleman,’’ O’Neil said at Sunday night’s event. “And it’s no secret that delegates tend to be more liberal than the party in general, so I think Jack has a good shot at this.’’

Many DFLers say the Coleman seat should be retaken by a liberal, noting it had been held by Sen. Paul Wellstone. Coleman won the 2002 election just weeks after Wellstone was killed in an airplane crash near Eveleth.

For some DFLers, Nelson-Pallmeyer is the best choice because he best embodies Wellstone’s progressive ideals. Nelson-Pallmeyer served as a foreign policy adviser for Wellstone. Whether Nelson-Pallmeyer can overcome the lack of name recognition and campaign funds is unclear. But supporters say he is building momentum.

“It’s a very targeted universe now, it doesn’t take a lot of money to reach a few hundred people who already are tied into the issues,’’ Nelson-Pallmeyer said. “I’m gaining a lot of support among the delegates going to the convention. And I know there are a lot of uncommitted delegates who I can convince between now and then.’’

Also, check out Political Muse's work on the three Senate candidates Education stances. It's a very fair analysis.

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TheBig Roz said...

It's time to believe. Jack can and will win the endorsement. After that, Franken and Ciresi will have little choice but to transfer their campaign cash to Jack (or leave the state forever because they let Norm win), and, as he is the strongest, most appealing capable and likable candidate, he'll win.