Monday, February 18, 2008

Urdahl to support a veto override?

AAA at Residual Forces seems to think he's one that may fold!

We all know what happened last year though...

30 second recap: October 06, Urdahl would support a gas tax increase, as stated before County Commissioners from Wright, Meeker, McLeod, and other Greater Minnesota Counties.

Urdahl holds true to his word, votes for Transportation Bill with gas tax increase.

Urdahl gets scolded by Governor Pawlenty. (while letting 155 days go by without telling TPaw his Transportation Bill did nothing for Greater Minnesota).

Urdahl votes to uphold Governor veto.

Urdahl gets mad at people who call him a flip flopper on transportation.

From a Dean Urdahl email:
I agree that we could reprioritize. But the two biggest budget items are education and health care. Cuts will be difficult in those areas. Plus, frankly, my caucus is outnumbered almost 2-to-1. We don't set the priorities in the Legislature and can't until we regain the majority.

Isn't part of the reason were in this predicament because Dean's caucus was in the majority for a time being?

Ah, I loved the 4 consecutive years of double digit tuition increases, taking money from state grants, the compassionate conservatism that created the double digit property tax increases in Greater Minnesota.

We'll be sure to keep everyone posted on Urdahl's every move on this issue. I know the County Commissioner's out here won't let him slide by twice!

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