Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MN Blue: Jack Nelson Pallmeyer: Most effective candidate

Grace Kelly at Mn Blue has a great post up about JNP's effectiveness.
  • Most people have not heard of Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer.
  • People who are for Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer are very loyal.
  • The Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is on very lean budget, compared to the budgets of Mike Ciresi and Al Franken.
It's true.  Jack Nelson Pallmeyer is great on the stump.  His progressive message of hope and holding candidates and elected officials resonates with delegates. 

Sunday, in Glencoe, I sat and watched the crowd respond to all of the candidates when they were speaking, hence the shaky You Tubes.

Delegates watching JNP were fully engaged.  His passionate style had heads nodding in agreement and people leaning forward in their seats wanting more.

Ciresi did well too.  Franken, who received the most delegate support, didn't seem to truly connect to people.  I watched people back in their seats, arms crossed and little facial expression when he spoke.  His message did not seem to resonate, although people wanted his signature on a campaign sign.

I want so much more from my candidate for the US Senate.  

Listen to what Ciresi and Franken are saying.  At every stump speech I have seen more than one of these candidates together, they say "Jack's right" or "Just like jack said before."  

A comment from the Mn Blue thread.

The analogy about the car traveling 150 miles per hour headed off a cliff and the other two candidates wanting to slow the car down to 100 miles an hour is always effective. A couple of other things Jack said tonight really impressed me. One was Jack saying his political hero was FDR and that we needed a "New" New Deal, tying in his idea of creating a modern domestic marshall plan to build a green economy just as Roosevelt put the country back to work and rebuilt our country in the 1930's. The other was Jack simply pointing out that it has not been a lifelong ambition for him to become a U.S. senator. He has only recently decided to run because he is concerned about his children's (and everyone's) future, and like Paul Wellstone, he would take courageous votes based on what he believed was right, not based upon how it would effect the next re-election campaign. He said if he is only in the senate for 6 years so be it, but pointed out that following Paul Wellstone's NO vote on the 2002 Iraq war resolution, his approval rating went up!

Jack presents the biggest contrast to Norm Coleman, (while best representing the DFL bases' views) and offers the voters a clear choice between he and Norm Coleman.

His argument about the choices we face in the coming years of whether to spend 7-10 trillion dollars importing oil and fighting permanent wars, or to use that money to build a green economy here at home could not be clearer.

I support candidates who share my hopes, my dreams, my fears, and my vision for the future.  

I support candidates who have the integrity and moral courage to stand in the way of special interests and truly work to create a sustainable grassroots effort for much needed change.  

I fear the Franken craze is not sustainable as it's built upon his celebrity and not his progressive values.  You can't evoke Paul Wellstone's passion and ideology, his ability to work across party lines and get things done, and at the same time, call the person who could be your opponent derogatory names.

Take it for what it's worth, but I just don't see "it" in Franken.  Ciresi could do it, but I have some major reservations about his health care plan.  Creating a committee, task force, or working group is political speak for delaying a result.

Jack Nelson Pallmeyer is the real deal.  

We elected a liberal private college professor once...why not again?

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