Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eric Z on more Tinklenberg "consulting" or "lobbying"

I must say, the plot continues to thicken. Previously, most of us have spent our time examining the road/highway side of the Tinklenberg lobbyist mess.

Eric Z takes on some of the rail issues, that we know are out there, but have yet to examine!
Ramsey officials remain determined. They have been bending the ears of local, state and federal lawmakers to get support. And the Tinklenberg Group - a transportation consulting firm founded by former state transportation commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg - is helping, Nelson said.

Bending ears? Hmmm, sounds a lot like the "keeping issues before the decision makers" line.

Eric Z also questions why an official county website has been scrubbed of certain content.
And, hey, it sure sounds like Tink is lobbying again (and still); registered or not; and I do not want a career politician, revolving-door lobbyist to be in Congress from MN 6 - there are too many compromised "damaged-goods" folks already in Congress that we do not need to send another, or what is more likely, we have the DFL get what it deserves if the bosses run the lobbyist presently known as Tinklenberg [to borrow from Prince and his "the artist formerly ..." thing], i.e., they do a Tink cramdown against the better judgment of the grassroot people and he goes down in flames Nov. 2008

That's the point of the collective disclosure of Tinklenberg's record.

Regardless of what any party official, campaign staffer, media jockey, blogger, or delegate thinks, the ultimate goal here is to defeat Congresswoman Bachmann.

Sticking our heads in the sand and hoping this stuff goes away like a bad haircut will not win us an election. It will not ensure that Congresswoman Bachmann's reign ends upon the completion of the 2008 election cycle.

Anything that does not work towards that goal, of defeating Michele Bachmann, is self defeating.

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