Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ventura and Tinklenberg

In 1998, Minnesotan's flocked to support Jesse Ventura for many reasons. One reason was because of his unique ads going after the "lobbyists and special interests".

A decade later, one of Ventura's lieutenants, former MnDOT Commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg, is perhaps the largest Transportation lobbyist in Minnesota.

If you know one who rakes in more bucks, please comment, set me straight!

Funny but sad, so sad.

Dump Bachmann has a new post up about Eric Z and I piling on Tinklenberg's lobbying scandal.

All Elwyn has to do is come clean. Pony up all the lobbying contracts across Minnesota and Wisconsin in order to provide a proper accounting of the government money he was paid for his consulting and lobbying work.

Some call the exposure of Tinklenberg's lobbying ties "unfair".

Delegates I have spoken to think it's unfair that Elwyn has not been consistent or straight forward on this and many issues.

More on this story soon...

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