Monday, February 11, 2008

More on Meeker County Republican's "hanging chads"

MDE has a post up about a Minnesota Republican Party email claiming "the DFL did not hold a true caucus."
"Our participation represents people who actually caucused and want to be more intimately involved; the DFL conducted a quasi-primary under the broad umbrella of the word 'caucus'. Their 'quantity' is no match for our 'quality' of participation."

Lovely...excpet if you were a Meeker County Minnesota Republican!

Recall my post on the mess created by Meeker County Republican leadership.
I questioned what was going on in Meeker County. When I checked the Secretary of State site this morning, the only precinct that reported numbers was Cedar Mills, where Ron Paul beat Mike Huckabee 83-67. Romney finished with 55 votes, McCain 43, and Alan Keyes 7.

It remains the only precinct in Meeker County to have results posted at the SOS site. Interesting. Ron Paul won Meeker County and the "Republican Leadership" in Meeker County decided to not send in the proper election results? They reported zero's to their party and to the Secretary of State!

It's been said that "the revolution will not be televised". The "Ron Paul Revolution" swept through Meeker County Tuesday night yet the votes weren't even reported properly. It's been reported through the Litchfield Independent Review and other sources that Ron Paul won Litchfield as well, soundly defeating Huckabee, Romney, Keyes, and McCain. Yet, the SOS has no results up?

Isn't this the same party that's looking to change the way Minnesotan's vote? We know these cats are drinking the same kool-aid Tom Emmer and Dean Urdahl are drinking. Yet, they voted and the votes were not recorded?

I'd say integrity of the process was lacking in Meeker County. While the Minnesota Republican Party labels the DFL process as a "quasi-primary" the Meeker County GOP particpated in an attempted coup.

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