Thursday, February 07, 2008

Democracy 101: Meeker County Republican Style

(Warning...naughty language depicted in an image)

So...recall my post about the SD 18 Caucus results?

I questioned what was going on in Meeker County. When I checked the Secretary of State site this morning, the only precinct that reported numbers was Cedar Mills, where Ron Paul beat Mike Huckabee 83-67. Romney finished with 55 votes, McCain 43, and Alan Keyes 7.

It remains the only precinct in Meeker County to have results posted at the SOS site.

Interesting. Ron Paul won Meeker County and the "Republican Leadership" in Meeker County decided to not send in the proper election results? They reported zero's to their party and to the Secretary of State!

It's been said that "the revolution will not be televised". The "Ron Paul Revolution" swept through Meeker County Tuesday night yet the votes weren't even reported properly.

It's been reported through the Litchfield Independent Review and other sources that Ron Paul won Litchfield as well, soundly defeating Huckabee, Romney, Keyes, and McCain. Yet, the SOS has no results up?

Isn't this the same party that's looking to change the way Minnesotan's vote? We know these cats are drinking the same kool-aid Tom Emmer and Dean Urdahl are drinking. Yet, they voted and the votes were not recorded?

I can imagine the horror all throughout Meeker County Tuesday night. I thought I heard the faint sound (while safely tucked away in my Wright County Outpost) of clanking pitchforks seeking out these "evil dooers", the infidels in charge of the Ron Paul Revolution.

So, I wonder how the conversation went, in order to come to such a monumental decision?

Surprised Meeker GOP leader: "Great Oden's Raven! Ron Paul has won Meeker County! This is crazy! What do we do?"

Surprised Meeker GOP leader II: "Let's burn em!"

Leader: "We can't ride across Meeker County burning Ron Paul supporters, Dean Urdahl's gonna need all the help he can get in November."

Leader II: "No, let's burn the ballots! Where's Mary Kiffmeyer when we need her?"

The angry mob must have worked its way across the County seeking out those responsible for the Meeker County "Ron Paul Revolution". The "Revolution" signage is still intact in Wright County...hopefully the winds will keep everything east of here...

In all seriousness now, I have had numerous conversations with Republican Leaders in Meeker County. They objected to my staunch anti war / Iraq position, even though most of them never served a day in our nation's military.

They spoke of American "bringing Democracy to the Middle East". Remember this photo?

You cannot deploy democracy.

I find it sad that the Meeker County Republican's tout the successes of the purple fingered Iraqi voters and yet on the same breath, gave another finger to those that showed up to vote and caucus this past Tuesday. They're all worried about those "illegals" voting but then lack the integrity and moral courage to accurately report their own results.

So, Ron Paul is so threatening to these individuals that they neglected to properly report 29 precincts in Meeker County? Now that's democracy!!!

"Thank you for coming to caucus tonight".

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