Thursday, February 07, 2008

MN Blue on Jack Nelson Pallmeyer

Wonderful post by Phil Steger.
Al Franken would not have made a difference in the course of the last seven years, had he been a US Senator because had Al Franken been US Senator in 2002, he would have voted to support the war against Iraq. Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer would have voted against the war. And just like the war, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is better in showing early wise leadership on our new breaking issues. (Detailed analysis under read more).

On Franken's lacking progressive credentials.

Al Franken is trying to position himself as a progressive candidate. But here’s the hard reality:
-You can’t say you support human rights and support a war that directly or indirectly kills as many as 1 million people, and that has made torture an American policy.
-You can’t say you support women’s rights and support a war that leaves 1 to 2 million widowed women in a society that strips away their freedoms and confines the fortunate ones to domestic slavery.
-You can’t say you support green, sustainable energy and support a war that even former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan says is solely about dominating global oil supply.
-You can’t say you support our troops and support a war that sends them to kill and die for a lie.
-You can’t say you support the middle class and support a war that allowed conservatives to strip away the most basic protections and services for struggling families.
-You can’t say you support civil rights or civil liberties and support a war that turned the USA into a surveillance state, where phone companies are enlisted to spy on citizens.
-You can’t say you support democracy and support a war that concentrates unprecedented policy-making power and responsibility for the national defense into the hands of unaccountable, profit-making corporations.
-You can’t say you support international cooperation and the rule of law and support a war waged in defiance of the UN, with the condemnation of the world’s religious leaders.
He makes a compelling argument on the environmental side alone for JNP, let alone his strong progressive platform on health care, the economy, education and Iraq.
Al Franken does not have the courage - perhaps he does not have the conviction - necessary to call for a conversion of parts of the military budget to a Green Marshall Plan. Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer has both.

While some report that the Franken electoral landslide is happening as we speak, the revolution is often times, not advertised.

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