Thursday, February 07, 2008

SD 18 Caucus stuff

Just a few observations and analysis of the numbers.

On the 18B side, Wright County is the reason for "State Representative" being the title before "Dean Urdahl". While Meeker County has been blue for the past few elections, Urdahl has held a sizable lead in Wright County in order to push him over the top.

Momentum is building and this may be our best shot in years to make Dean Urdahl a cheerleader for the foreseeable future.

Enormous turnouts in Corrina Township, Annandale, Cokato, Cokato Township, French Lake, Southside Township, and Howard Lake are very positive for DFLers in our area looking to push out a State Representative that has decided to put politics before the people.

Litchfield as great turnout as well on the DFL side. According to the SOS numbers, it would appear as though ZERO Republican's voted in Litchfield. We'll work to confirm that but they are reporting all 68 precincts in SD 18 reported.

No votes in Grove City either. Did Urdahl even vote in the caucuses? Or was he moving across the district in feeble attempt to save his hide from a November loss? Perhaps he was pitching his support for "No Child Left Behind", I don't know...

The 18A side looked like it had some mixed results. One colleague reported that Hutchinson had over 300 people voting! Glencoe had about 50, Winsted 11, Silver Lake 3, and Lester Prairie 20 people voting.

In total, nearly 1200 DFLers cast a vote in SD 18 Tuesday. Less than a thousand SD 18 Republicans went to the polls.

Senator Steve Dille on Mike Huckabee: "To me, he looks like a guy you can go hunting with and he probably wouldn't shoot you."

More to follow on this...

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