Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wright County 18B caucus stuff

Wow! Just got back from my caucus a bit ago. The turnout has been incredible!

Annandale/Corrina Township: 22 attendees 2004 134 attendees 2008. 83 Obama, 47 Clinton, 4 no vote

Howard Lake: 4, 2oo4 21, 2008. 15 Obama, 6 Clinton.

Middleville Township: 4, 2004 8, 2008. 5 Obama, 3 Clinton.

Cokato City: 7, 2004 43, 2008. 23 Clinton, 20 Obama.

Cokato Township: 6, 2004 25, 2008. 17 Obama, 8 Clinton.

Stockholm Township: 10, 2004 18, 2008. 12 Obama, 5 Clinton, 1 Edwards.

Thus far: 152 Obama, 92 Clinton.

50 attendees total in 2004. 249 attendees in 2008!

Turnout has been amazing. Lots of new delegates getting involved across the district tonight. I've been impressed with the people I have spoken to running the caucuses tonight. I spent several hours getting materials today to conveners and had some wonderful chats with these dedicated individuals.

I ran out of literature for my candidates...and I ran out very early!


Obamainspired said...

Hey Blueman, I was just wondering if the DFL had a candidate running against Dean Urdahl yet and whether they are looking, because I might know someone (if you catch my drift) who would be interested in taking up the challenge of supporting, representing, and leading his people in his district by voting for, and introducing policies that would help our small businesses, transportation (LIGHT RAIL WORKS) farmers, and children in the education system. Please E-mail me and let me know what the latest is, I've always been a political junkie and the caucuses inspired me to get more involved.

Blue man said...

Shoot me an email. I've heard a few names tossed around and have some ideas.