Sunday, February 24, 2008

Muse gets mail: No love from the Tink

Political Muse posts his letter from Bob Olson and comments on no such love from Elwyn Tinklenberg.
While I appreciate the letter from Mr. Olson, my first thought was where is my letter from the Tinklenberg campaign? It seems to be a relatively inexpensive way for these campaigns to reach out to the rank and file who will eventually decide the nominee. Is the Tinklenberg campaign doing anything to reach out to voters, and if so, why haven't any of us heard from them? Thank You, Mr. Olson, for going the extra mile to reach out to the voters. The last thing we need is another representative unwilling to recognize the constituents they serve.

I'll try to get some You Tubes up later today from the SD 19 "Breakfast of Champions" event in Buffalo yesterday. Both Bob and Elwyn delivered remarks yesterday.

Olson's speech had substance. Elwyn delivered a great speech, but he said nothing. Other than a few "Yes we can" chants from Elwyn, it was well delivered but devoid of any ideas or solutions.

My sense is that Elwyn thinks he has the endorsement sealed up. Labor was in full force for Elwyn in Buffalo yesterday. He'll obviously secure the labor vote, but what will progressives do? Will this be a repeat of 2006 where progressives support Olson and labor supports Tinklenberg, with the progressive voter winning out?

Some delegates are worried that Tinklenberg would take the race to a primary, should he not receive the DFL endorsement. Some have even indicated that they will support Tinklenberg in order to avoid a primary.

Seriously? Compromise your progressive values for the "easy way out"?

Me thinks it's time for Bob Olson to re-examine whether or not he would abide by the DFL endorsement, after all, what's good enough for Elwyn Tinklenberg is good enough for the rest of us right?

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eric zaetsch said...

I remember when El Tinklenberg's Anoka County good ol' boy buddy Tom Gamec took a primary challenge against Amy Bodnar, and cost her a good shot at winning the general election.

Now Tinklenberg threatens the same thing after having seen the earlier result.

And I don't think many would argue it untrue that he and Gamec are a part of the same crony pack, and are generally like-minded career politician types.

So we see Tinklenberg's posture on not saying he would go along with the endorsement process - or might not - with no cause except being an ambitious sorehead, if he loses the caucuses. He keeps alive the threat he might mount a primary challenge by straddling the fence and not saying yes or no, but maybe and maybe not.

Olson at least would have a good reason to cause a primary if the ol' boys have their way getting ET endorsed, to save the party from sure defeat in running a career politician revolving-door lobbyist at the time when that kind of cynicism would hurt whoever heads the Dem ticket, most likely Obama, who would be running against that exact kind of "experience" Tinklenberg represents - experience at entrenched ways and means when Obama would be hoping for a winning turnout on his theme of yes we can make a change - a change you can count on.

Olson would fit an overall ticket with Obama at the head, and any of the three Senate candidates.

Tinklenberg would hurt the general ticket, and would lose the general election to Bachmann by a wider margin than Janet Robert lost to Mark Kennedy, whose run against Klobuchar proved that what it takes to defeat a mediocre GOP candidate is an outstanding skilled, courageous and entirely trustworthy DFL challenger.