Sunday, February 24, 2008

SC Times Op Ed: Gas Tax & Transportation

In a nut shell, get off your butt Rep Urdahl and other obstructionists in the House, vote for a compromise on Transportation, and quit playing politics.

The SC Times lists some local legislators who need a little more influence on this important issue.

Mary Ellen Otremba, District 11B, DFL, 651-296-3201, 800-709-0796,, Room 445, State Office Building.

Sondra Erickson, District 16A, Republican, 651-296-6746, 800-709-0578,, Room 279, State Office Building.

Dan Severson, District 14A, Republican, 651-296-7808, 800-920-9984,, Room 233, State Office Building.

Steve Gottwalt, District 15A, Republican, 651-296-6316, 800-683-0886,, Room 231, State Office Building.

Mark Olson, District 16B, Independent Republican, 651-296-4237, 800-920-5875,, Room 301, State Office Building.

Dean Urdahl, District 18B, Republican, 651-296-4344, 800-920-5861, Room 239, State Office Building.

Bruce Anderson, District 19A, Republican, 651-296-5063,, Room 201, State Office Building.

For more Bruce Anderson info, check out Jim Bakula's video!
Tops on our list of weakest reasons are blanket opposition to tax increases and opposition rooted in a lack of compromise, also known as preaching idealism at a time when common sense and common ground are needed.

The reality is this bill is an acceptable compromise considering the state's transportation, political and economic climates. It won't solve all the challenges, but it will finally start to push the state toward modernizing its transportation system.

All that stands in the way are two political roadblocks. Contact the House members listed above and ask them to steer the state around those obstacles.

It appears as though Urdahl has sided with the blanket opposition to tax increases folks. It's sad that he follows Marty Seifert and Tom Emmer while throwing his own constituents under the bus.

Senator Steve Murhpy opines on the Governor's Transportation Veto.
This veto clearly demonstrates that the governor has no plan for transportation in our state. If he's not willing to support a reasonable compromise between a bipartisan coalition of legislators and the business community to move our state forward, what will he support?

If he won't support an investment in the economic vitality of our state in the wake of a recession, when will he support one? The answer is the governor will never come on board and will continue to ignore the real and growing needs of our transportation system.

Have you called your State Rep yet? Have you told them to support Transportation solutions in Minnesota?

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