Sunday, February 24, 2008

Senator Tarryl Clark at "Breakfast of Champions"

Senator Clark came by to talk to those that attended the SD 19 "Breakfast of Champions" event in Buffalo Saturday morning.

Local candidates started the morning off with some rousing speeches. Chris Brazelton and Dennis Sucik are running for the 19B DFL endorsement, to run against Tom Emmer.

Jim Bakula is running for the 19A DFL endorsement to run against Bruce Anderson!

Senator Tarryl Clark came in to praise our local units for the party building endeavors we have engaged in and to hold a discussion on Transportation and other important issues in the area.

Here is a short video of one question. We're still working on this whole You Tube thing!

Senator Clark outlined Governor Pawlenty's transportation "plan". It's simply a red pen. Pawlenty wants to bond for roads and bridges in need of great repair. Despite the fact that the state will be seeing possibly a billion dollar deficit, Pawlenty's "plans" are all revenue neutral, result in no increases in taxes.

That's not a plan.

Senator Clark was followed by Bob Olson and Elwyn Tinklenberg, my remarks on their comments were posted earlier.

Once again, another great event hosted by the SD 19 crew!

Michele Bachmann has said “Wright County is the epicenter of the Republican Party in Minnesota”. If that's the case, there's no better place to be right now, shaking things up a bit in Wright County!

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