Sunday, February 24, 2008

Urdahl threatened?

AAA at Residual Forces has a post up about Dean Urdahl's tough weekend prior to the veto override vote expected early this week.

The West Central Tribune has been covering the story all weekend long.
Urdahl said he’s being pulled in different directions by local government officials, taxpayers and his own party in how he should vote on the veto override, which could come as early as Monday.“It’s like a chess match,” he said.

Sounding weary from the ordeal, Urdahl said in a telephone interview Friday that he’s been told if he doesn’t vote to override, a funding request for Litchfield’s wastewater treatment facility could be blocked. The project is crucial for an expansion of the First District Association, a dairy processing plant in Litchfield.

“Certainly I’m being lobbied, threatened. All sorts of neat things,” Urdahl said.

At this point, Urdahl said he intends to “support the governor” but “will continue to talk to people about the issue” over the weekend and will review amendments made to the bill.

To be completely honest, I'm not sure what to think about the "threats". Being threatened over his vote crosses a line for me. Litchfield and Meeker County have moved DFL the past two elections, Dean Urdahl has won because of Wright County. Eliminating a project in Litchfield could hurt DFL chances in this area in 2008. Could Urdahl be simply throwing this out there as a political ploy? We all recall his failed Dairy Tax Bill in 2006 and who he blamed that on.

Urdahl has had multiple opportunities to do the right thing here. He stated his support for a gas tax increase in the 06 election cycle, voted for it last May, and only after being called to the carpet by Governor Pawlenty, voted to uphold his veto.

I've heard a lot of excuses from him since then. Senator Dille, my opponent in 2006, has supported this gas tax increase from the start, just like he said he would.
Urdahl said the “government-type” people and those in the road construction business are telling him to override the veto while the “regular working guy taxpayer” doesn’t want to pay a higher gas tax and would rather pay higher property taxes to deal with transportation.

Who was he listening to when he supported the gas tax increase in 2007?

What category do I fit in? Does Urdahl see Blueman as a "government type"? Does he see me as a "regular working guy taxpayer"?

Considering I drive about 1000 miles a week for work, and that Michele Bachmann is proud of me and my 2 jobs, I would hope it would be the latter...

A side note...Political Muse over at Liberal in the Land of Conservative has posted my Tarryl Clark You Tube, only to piss off more conservative bloggers.

Muse, did you ever get an opinion on where they stand on Molnau now, after we find out she got $3.3 million for a shady land deal in Chaska?

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Political Muse said...

No, Gary Gross hasn't said much about Molnau. I suspect he didn't really even watch the video.

Right now I have both Gary and Leo Pusateri cranky with me for daring to say that the Republican Party is unwilling to compromise.

I agree, though, that any threats like the ones Urdahl is hinting at are unacceptable.