Monday, February 25, 2008

Tink's B-Day Greenbacks

Liberal in the Land of Conservative has the scoop, a Tinklenberg Campaign email that begged for money so that Elywn could spend the evening of his birthday with his wife.
To reach our quarterly financial goal, El needs to raise $1,000 per half hour of phone time.

We know that Elwyn's most recent FEC is report is not as impressive as it should be for a candidate who:

A. Has been through this before.
B. Has as many connections as he has.
C. Hold's Washington DC fundraisers.

So, since math is fun...

Elwyn raised $61,652 in individual money last quarter. So, if Elwyn and Team Tink used the same formula above to reach this fundraising goal, Elwyn spent about 31 hours on the phone fundraising in the 4th quarter. Now, we know it was probably a lot more than that...

Anyway, Muse is right.

When are Tinklenberg and Olson debating?

How many debates have they had down in the 3rd? I've counted at least 9 debates / forums in CD 3.

Is someone scared to debate in the 6th? I know Olson has challenged Bachmann to a debate so I doubt it's Olson who is scared.

Don't make Blueman get in a chicken costume outside of the Tinklenberg Campaign HQ...

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Political Muse said...

Let me know when you decide to don the chicken outfit and I am there with you with the video camera and a chicken costume of my own. :)