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Brian Davis Hires Liberal Blogger As Consultant

If Marty Seifert finds this...he may use his dark powers to fire more moderate RINO's!

Following the race in the first from afar, I am quite dismayed to read Evil Bobby's support of Brian Davis, given that Evil Bobby, aka David Roberts, has come down hard on Congressman Tim Walz for the war in Iraq, a resolution condemning MoveOn, and his August FISA vote.

Yet Davis is an extremely conservative pro-war candidate who frequently calls Walz out on MoveOn.


According to Davis' FEC report, he has paid David Roberts for IT Consulting, $500 on 10/26/07. The only similar FEC report transaction from Davis for Congress was to Raymond Smalley, $250 for IT Consulting in August, 2007.

What is clear is that Roberts was not providing Davis with a website or email services. That was done through Maelstrom Solutions Corp. who provides email, web and credit card processing services, according to his FEC report.

So, what did Brian Davis get for his money?

What did Roberts write about on Evil Bobby from October on without disclosing his payment from Davis?

Brian Davis, through Evil Bobby, has violated the GOP's eleventh commandment on numerous occasions.

Davis attacks Dick Day's decision to forgo GOP endorsement.

Davis at the Rochester forum.

On being a "free agent".

"I remain steadfast in my liberal beliefs"

Steadfast in his liberal beliefs and on Brian Davis' payroll. Interesting.

His two part interview with Brian Davis. It's interesting to note that Roberts posted in a more pro Davis, he'll win the GOP nod than anti Congressman Walz.

A couple of interesting comments.
Gravatar I can see your concern too Hmmmm, and I respect that. However I've met with Brian a few times for coffee, before I left for Costa Rica, and have no doubt that he is the best man for the job. Really a good guy by any standard.

However if Davis isn't the Republican guy,I'll probably plug my nose and vote for Walz.

dav Homepage 12.18.07 - 2:17 pm #

Gravatar However I've met with Brian a few times for coffee, before I left for Costa Rica, and have no doubt that he is the best man for the job.

OHH!!! I wish you had mentioned that earlier! Geewhiz - here I was all concerned about us torturing people, starting a few more preemptive wars, killing social security and bankrupting the country! If I had known that he can make pleasant conversation over coffee I would have understood right away. hmmm... 12.18.07 - 2:58 pm # . . .

But don't believe what Blueman thinks, or can find. Here's what readers at the Rochester Post Bulletin Politcal Blog think:

Why would a candidate running for Congress be that stupid as to get into a spitting contest with Democrats on their blogs? Davis has got to be the most naive guy who has ever ran for office.Posted by: CD1GOPer November 21, 2007 at 06:30 PM

I for one want a candidate for Congress who is running to win votes from people who might actually vote for him instead of wasting time arguing with DFL hacks. If Davis is the candidate next fall, I can only imagine how much material there is from DFL blogs that Walz can use against him.Posted by: CD1GOPer November 23, 2007 at 07:10 PM

By the way, if Davis is so interested in debating liberal Democrats, maybe he should get his own talk radio show and let the candidates who know how to win elections run for Congress.Posted by: CD1GOPer

Not so popular amongst Conservatives...or at least this one in particular.

And how can we forget Evil Bobby's spat with my favorite conservative blogger, Residual Forces.

Swiftee takes EB to task.

Funny, even a liberal blogger called David Roberts / Evil Bobby "progressive".
I've met DAV and he has most definitely served. I think you might want to stop
assuming all progressives stay home.

He later points out Roberts service in the Peace Corps.

Ok, enough about Evil Bobby and David Roberts.

This is about Brian Davis and his lack of judgement. With the demotion of several GOP RINO's this week, I wonder what the conservative blogosphere would think about a GOP Congressional Candidate hiring a liberal blogger?

Does AAA know about this?

The Republicans hold the "eleventh" commandment to be sacred. Attacking another Republican is pretty bad in their eyes.

How bad is it when a Republican hires a liberal blogger to attack Republicans?

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