Sunday, March 02, 2008

Jack Nelson Pallmeyer in the news

The Duluth Budgeteer News has an interview with JNP up.

Jack was missed at the SD 42 Convention yesterday. Everytime he gets up in front of delegates and talks about core progressive issues, he wins delegates over. He's truly the most progressive candidate in the US Senate race and has, in my humble opinion, the best shot of all the candidates in unseating Norm Coleman.

I did give Al Franken some praise yesterday. I saw some fire in him yesterday, the first time out of seven for Franken, that I witnessed.

Steve Kelley was the surrogate for Mike Ciresi at the SD 42 convention. Although I am a strong Steve Kelley guy, I will vote my conscience at the convention. I will support Jack Nelson Pallmeyer.

Check out the interview. Here's one of the questions.
What separates you from your DFL opponents: Mike Ciresi and Al Franken (Note: Jim Cohen dropped out of the race)?

Nelson-Pallmeyer: There are four or five big differences.

One: We all care about global warming, but I understand that issue in a more complex way. I’m saying, this is what we’re going to have to do if we listen to what the scientists are saying. Jim Hansen said (previously) if we could keep carbon emissions below 450 parts per million, we’d have a decent chance. But looking at how things changed just in the last year, with the ice shelf collapsing, etc., now he says that number needs to be closer to 350 ppm. Well, we’re at 383 now.It’s not hopeless, but it is absolutely urgent. I’m the only one calling for actions that the scientists (would advocate).

Two: I am calling for a redefinition of security and helping our country transition to being a good global partner. There are pressing needs at home and we can’t take care of those while we’re spending half the world’s money on military needs and research. You know, Bush doubled (military) spending and I think we’re less secure now.

Three: I do support at national single-payer health care system. You still choose your doctor, your hospital, but it means saving a huge amount of money that’s now going into paperwork. (Nelson-Pallmeyer has lots more to say on health care; check out our Web site next week for more.)

Four: The other candidates support nuclear power. I think that’s a mistake. It’s a mistake because of proliferation, cost, waste issues.

Last, ... sometimes I think the other candidates think the way to beat Norm Coleman is to run on how bad the Bush administration is. But the way to move forward is by offering a compelling vision of what our country could be, to invite people to be hopeful. Stylistically, that’s a very important difference.

To be fair, I do not completely agree with Jack on his nuclear energy policy, but understand and respect his perspective.

I will be looking forward to other parts of this interview. I would urge Blueman readers to check out Jack's website. Watch his speeches on You Tube, take a chance and try to get to know this strong progressive Democrat. If you're a delegate, it's your duty to investigate all the candidates.

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dannyc12 said...

You know what really separates Al Franken from Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer? Party endorsements, Labor endorsements, and the number of delegates won at conventions.

JNP is a great guy; I like him a lot. He and Al are on the same side of many issues.

However, Al Franken has the best chance of beating Norm Coleman and retaking that important Senate seat.