Monday, March 10, 2008

Comments under Two Putt Tommy's story!

It's a must see! Wow, this stuff is getting crazy out here in the 6th. Just got an email from the Tinklenberg campaign about the "rumors" bloggers like me have been floating around the 6th.
Do we really need to rally behind someone who is out there lying about major endorsements he has? We were lied into a war in Iraq. I'm sick of sending liars to Washington. El Tinklenberg stood in front of us and lied Saturday. Twice--once about Walz' endorsement and once about Wetterling's. If he gets away with lying now, he'll keep lying when he gets to Washington. We've already got one liar representing us now.

From the Mike Starr Chili Feed
The Tinklenberg Group made a big scene at the Mike Starr Chili Feed last night. Walked in as a group yelling "they're lying about us..." Good job walking into a local political fundraiser making a scene like that!!

And about that bickering...

It's amazing how this information gets labeled "petty bickering." What's "petty" about the huge sums Tinklenberg has been getting paid to lobby? What's "petty" about pointing out that he's not registered as a lobbyist, while representatives from independent watchdog groups in DC think--based on the evidence--that he should be? What's petty about wanting straight-forward answers and honesty from a candidate? Tink's supporters have thought for weeks now that they can simply dismiss questions by deriding those that make them or dismissing the questions altogether. That strategy might have worked in the good-old-boys networks of Anoka County, but it doesn't seem to have withstood the light of day brought about by the Internet age.

It's blowing up, and the Tinklenberg people can do nothing but deny, deny, deny.

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