Monday, March 10, 2008

Tinklenberg denies lobbying: DC Watchdog Groups disagree

His campaign email, which we will fisk in full detail later, denies Elwyn's federal lobbying activities.

On Saturday the 8th, we had our first round of large senate district conventions. In the course of meeting with delegates, I and my staff were met with some questions that both surprised and disturbed us. I feel that it's important to clear up the speculation that has apparently been running wild on blogs (me, Liberal in the Land of Conservative, Developers are Crabgrass and MnBlue) and through the DFL activists via the Olson campaign and its supporters. (Bloggers added)

They knew about this stuff much earlier! February 4th 2008, Larry Schumacher at the SC Times posted a story about Tinklenberg's denial on his blog.

It quoted John Wodele, Spokesman for Tinklenberg 2008. They knew about this a long time ago, starting after the 12/13/07 SD 19 meeting.
Tinklenberg spokesman John Wodele got back to me Monday and said he considers the accusation to be not a legitimate news story, since he said the US Attorney's office has rejected the letter's request.

Wodele lied. The letter was actually forwarded to the proper authorities.

Recall what the DC Watchdog groups think?

Craig Holman, PhD. Public Citizen

The evidence presented here strongly suggests that Tinklenberg has met the threshold of a federal lobbyist:

(1) Receives compensation of $5,000 or more per six months
(2) makes expenditures of $20,000 or more per six months
(3) Spends at least 20% of his time on behalf of any single client conducting lobbying activity.
(4) Made more than one lobbying contact with a "covered official" (member of Congress).

Since there is some evidence that the threshold has been met, it is appropriate to file a complaint with the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House, requesting that they investigate the matter. You may also want to copy directly to Tinklenberg for faster action. You will probably see him scramble to register and disclose.

Glad you guys are on this.

We just caught ADM (also in Minnesota) not registering, and ADM is now in compliance with the law.

Greg Gasiewski: Lobbying Researcher for the Center for Responsive Politics

The Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995's definition of a lobbyist:

LOBBYIST.—The term ”lobbyist” means any individual who is employed or retained by a client for financial or other compensation for services that include more than one lobbying contact, other than an individual whose lobbying activities constitute less than 20 percent of the time engaged in the services provided by such individual to that client over a 3-month period.

Certainly sounds like it to me.

We'll continue to give the Tinklenberg email a good fisking.

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