Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Olson responds to Tinklenberg's claims

Got this in an email this morning.

While campaigning for congress, I get a wide variety of questions from people. Most often they reflect what families are struggling with every day - healthcare, gas prices, education, job security, the war in Iraq -and my ideas for making things better.

People also ask me questions to better understand who I am and what I stand for. These are questions about what I've done in my life, as a clean energy advocate,a community banker, a tax attorney, and a father. They ask if I will defend the constitution, if I am pro-choice, if I will fight for LGBT rights, and if I will abide by the DFL endorsement. They ask how I intend to defeat Michele Bachmann. With each question they ask, I give them a straight answer.

I also frequently hear things like, "I heard you don't even live in the district" and "I heard your bank has a lot of bad mortgages, and the banking industry is behind your campaign to weaken banking laws." Again, I give straight answers. I live in St. Cloud, and also own a cabin on Lake Minnetonka, and another on Lake Vermillion. St. Stephen State Bank has not been involved in this mortgage crisis, and I'm running for Congress because I know we need to do more than simply change parties in power in Washington. We need to fundamentally transform the way business is done. That means stronger protection for consumers and individuals, not weaker.

I don't try to avoid answering by charging others with negative campaigning.

Mr. Tinklenberg accuses our campaign of negative campaigning, citing numerous blogs and other casual media sources. The important questions and vetting of candidates is being done by loyal party activists across the 6th Congressional District.

DFL delegates have an important task to decide who is best qualified to beat Michele Bachmann and represent the 6th district in Congress. This includes taking an honest look at each candidate's strengths, weaknesses,ideas and vulnerabilities. Suppressing this discussion is not constructive, and does not make us stronger or more unified.

The DFL delegates and activists I know are intelligent, and committed to a thoughtful and in-depth analysis of the candidates and campaigns.They know this is going to be a tough race in the fall, and want to make sure they ask the hard questions now.

I know that if we really want to end the Iraq War,provide health care coverage for every man, woman and child in America, end our addiction to Middle Eastern oil and deliver for working families, we need to do something bold and different. I also know you are up to the challenge!

So please, keep asking the hard question until the endorsing convention on April 26th, when we come together behind one strong candidate! To learn more about my campaign, visit www.bobolson. org or call me directly at 763-210-2008.

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