Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tinklenberg continues to strain his relationship with the truth

Since some object to Elwyn being called, well, a liar...

DB takes a look at Elwyn's claims of big delegate wins in SD 52 and 56.

His lobbying status, which DC Watchdog Groups say he should be registered as a federal lobbyist.

Don't believe me, check out what they have to say. They're the experts.

Changing positions on gun control, GLBT issues, Choice, Iraq, etc...

His email claims we are making it easier for Michele Bachmann in the fall.

Truth be told, had the 6th CD been debating and having forums over the past several months, this would not be an issue today. The candidates would be fully vetted, their negatives and positives, strengths and weaknesses, hopes, dreams and plans exposed to the delegates.

Leaders and others have been trying to shut off debate and discourse in the 6th. Taking shots at "blogs and the casual media".

Is it not better to have this discussion before the mainstream media exposes these issues via print, radio and TV ads? It will happen.

If delegates choose to endorse one candidate over another, they will at least have an opportunity to examine the information leaders and campaigns have been trying to keep secret. They can make an informed decision.

Or, we can choose the path of the leaders and others. Stick our collective heads in the sand and hope that Bachmann is incapable of doing a simple Google search for "Elwyn Tinklenberg, lobbying". You're kidding yourselves if you don't think Congresswoman Bachmann has the same stuff we've exposed.

I contend that those who seek to hide the truth, to keep the activists quiet, are the one's who are causing irreparable damage to our party.

Anointing candidates, squelching debate, and back room deals are not the staples of our party, the Democratic Party. If we continue this trend, we'll certainly lose this race in the 6th, regardless of who the candidate is, and we'll be 0-5 doing it "your way".

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