Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More on Emmer's Hypocrisy

The first post that set Drew off!

A group of citizens organized to oppose a levy increase in the Stillwater area. They were successful in their effort to beat the levy by a 60%-40% vote.

Then some liberal blog decided to post the names, addresses, pictures, children's names, home values, etc. on a website to intimidate the folks who had opposed the levy. They even went so far as to stamp the word "EXECUTE" on one woman's photo.

The matter has been referred to the police for prosecution. This is a prime example of how far certain leftist wackos will go to support their agenda.

If people were threatened, as Emmer eludes to in his post, that is horrible and a crime.

Drew's attempts to find out who the "infidel" was.

The really stupid intimidating material posted by "Stillwater Infidel" has been taken down. I have the screen shots if anyone needs them. We continue to try and out the reprehensible nincompoop who posted the names, addresses, family information and "EXECUTE" imperative on what was initially a useful anti-levy grassroots organization/blog.

A reprehensible nincompoop?

Drew reflects on his time working to out the Stillwater Inifidel...

This fascinates me. An anonymous blogger posts information about individuals that opposed a levy ballot issue in Stillwater. He goes so far as to protest that he was only posting harmless public information. He calls himself Stillwater Infidel aka NSA. I don't understand the genesis of the name. But I'm getting tired of typing it out so I may need to come up with a nickname.

When it became clear that he indeed posted levy opponent names, addresses, home values, auto make/model/license plate #, children's names, ages, etc.....many of us wondered what could motivate a person to do such a thing. Is the motive to simply inform the public of the family information of folks who opposed the levy? What purpose does that serve? Or was it to intimidate and terrorize people who oppose his personal agenda? I think that's closer to the truth.

If the postings were so innocent then why did this anonymous poster take down all of the posts when we started to pay attention? If it was kosher in the first place then why bother trying to destroy the evidence?

Then, Emmer gets mad.

What this chap doesn't realize is that I might just end up being his worst nightmare. Yes, I'm unapologetically conservative. And from his perspective that warrants all sorts of vilification and attack. But what he doesn't realize is that I won't be cowed into relenting in my search for the truth. I simply don't care about his tactics. This type of leftist thug can try to smear me personally all they wants. I'm just trying to find out who he is and why he behaves the way he does. My interest is rooted in my belief that no one deserves to be treated the way Stillwater Infidel aka NSA has treated the levy opponents in Stillwater.

"No one deserves to be treated the way Stillwater Infidel aka NSA has treated the levy opponents in Stillwater." It's where Emmer's belief is rooted.

Months later...

Emmer gets ticked off because citizens exercising their first amendment rights, got a Freedom of Vets event moved from a public school to a VFW. Emmer publicly went after one individual of many who helped get this event moved.

As you recall, Minnesota Monitor captured a screen shot of Drew Emmer's frantic plea for the Minnesota Majority community to personally contact Karl Bremer.

Note that Emmer posted Bremer's complete address and phone number, which was redacted by Minnesota Monitor. While Emmer's post was changed later, the damage was done.

Emmer's work here is as reprehensible as the anonymous Stillwater blogger. Drew Emmer spent at least 30 posts on the anonymous Stillwater blogger, labeling him an "infidel". In his 30 posts on the issue, Emmer becomes more and more obsessed with seeking legal and media assistance on "outing" the reprehensible individual who would release such personal information.

Drew Emmer has become the known infidel now in exposing the personal information of Karl Bremer and encouraging those that flock to Minnesota Majority and the right wing blogs to harass Mr. Bremer

Kudo's to Karl Bremer and the other brave souls who have stood forward as the right wing fear mongers continue their assault on your privacy.

Oh how time flies...6 months ago, Emmer was fighting for peoples privacy, now...he's exposing their private information.

You stay classy Wright Republican...nincompoopism at it's finest!


Drew Emmer said...

Dear Hal,

My frantic plea? Unfortunately you did not check your facts. I didn't post the piece you claim belongs to me. Your attack piece, while very well written, is therefore completely inaccurate.

How would you react if I made a false claim about you? Would you write a polite note to notify of the error? WHat would you do?

Please check your facts before you press publish.

Have a nice day,

Drew Emmer

eric zaetsch said...

Same glove, at Emmer's feet, here as well as the later post.

Tell the whole story.

Dru Emmer, please tell the entire truth. Bits and pieces never go down well when you are claiming credibility.

What role, if any, did you, Dru Emmer, have in this. That's all people care about. Not, "I didn't POST it" [truncated at that].

Who were the sparkplugs in its getting posted is what is interesting in the gossip milling of this hummer.

Blue man said...

The other "Blueman" posted it.

Did "Blueman" post your personal information like "Drew Emmer" posted Karl Bremer's private info?