Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tom Emmer votes against "Cyber Bullying" bill...

... and his uncle Drew Emmer becomes a "cyber bully".

Nephew Tom voted against HF 504, a bill that forced school boards to adopt a written policy prohibiting intimidation and bullying of any student. The policy shall address intimidation and bullying in all forms, including, but not limited to, electronic forms and forms involving Internet use.

Yeah, I know, the bill deals with cyber bullying in schools. Drew, to the best of our knowledge, has not engaged in cyber bullying of high school students or teens.

However his recent cyber bullying acts against Karl Bremer and those who opposed the use of Forest Lake High School for a recent political forum bring this all to light.

Especially after the fact that Drew went crazy after the "Stillwater Infidel" posted public information of those who opposed the local levy.

Looks like the apple does not fall far from the tree after all.


Drew Emmer said...

Dear Hal,

I don't recall posting anything about Karl Bremer. In fact I believe I have left Karl Bremer alone since he posted his defamatory claim that I was arrested with Larry Craig at the airport.

Kindly point out where I made any claim about Karl Bremer or the Forest Lake High School Vets debacle. Otherwise, kindly correct your inaccuracy.

Thanks Hal,

Drew Emmer

eric zaetsch said...

It sounds like splitting hairs, if the postings and comments are techincally correct.

This is gossip, but interesting gossip, so I will have a say.

I have found these links:

That's a readable version of the image.

That's further blog-info. It says a Jeff Davis [is that "Jefferson" as in Civil War days, or "Jeffrey" or such??] POSTED the item.

What is interesting - The posting says "Written by Drew Emmer."

I see the gentleman Emmer disavowing POSTING the item. I do not see any disavowing WRITING the item.

Nor do I see any disavowing of having COMPLICITY in the item being posted.

Is this Drew Emmer guy hairsplitting? Is his bitching legit? What's the complete truth?

He found the comments here once.

He can find them again to tell the entire truth, if he cares to.

The glove's at his feet.

Blue man said...

The other "Blueman" posted it, not me.