Thursday, April 03, 2008

Will the real Drew Emmer please stand up?

I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady/All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating/So won't the real Slim Shady please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?".

Anyone thought the Drew Emmer saga could be summed up by Eminem?

Apparently, Mr. Emmer does not like the attention he's getting from the liberal blogs, based on postings at Minnesota Majority and True North.

Emmer claims the posts are not his, per his comments on previous posts. Someones imitating the real Slim Shady here, and we need to know who.

While the Minnesota Majority post is authored by Jeff Davis, the action alert available at the bottom of their rant is worded nearly 100% the same as the True Majority plea for harassment.

This action alert at True North was authored by "Drew Emmer" and is hauntingly similar to the posting over at Minnesota Majority. The post by "Drew Emmer" at True North posted Bremer's home address, email, and work and home phone numbers.

The True North version of this is now gone, but archived forever. The screenshot about indicated the action alert in Jeff Davis' posts was created by "Drew Emmer".

Emmer denies that he is the "Drew Emmer" that posted that.

So there are two Drew Emmer's lurking about Minnesota Majority and True North? April Fools was 2 days ago.

If Emmer is telling the truth, who over at True North and Minnesota Majority has access to user names and passwords?

For a group of individuals that complain about the "Soros bloggers" it would appear that someone else may be producing the content for them.

What's next? Someone going to log in under Michael Brodkorb and launch another tasteless attack? Two "Drew Emmer's" is bad enough...can't imagine two MDE's!

The integrity of True North and Minnesota Majority is in question here. If author/creator names are posted without their consent, who's pulling the puppet strings over there?

If Emmer did not produce that post, he should expose the individual(s) that used his username and password to post private information of someone who shared a political view contrary to their own.

If Emmer will not produce the name(s) of those responsible, we can only rely on the tagline at the True North Action Alert, listing Emmer as the author and posting Bremer's home address, email, and home and work phone numbers.

Hence, my venom for "Drew Emmer's" post.

If Emmer produces the individual(s) responsible for the harassment of Karl Bremer, I'll retract my posts.

Will Emmer denounce the conduct of True North's posting the private information of Karl Bremer? He strongly denounced Stillwater Infidel.

Otherwise, the byline on the True North piece indicates "Drew Emmer" posted it, unless two "Drew Emmer's" post at True North and Minnesota Majority, someone is lying here.

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