Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Question of the day: Taconite related (Updated)

Apparently, I did not get the full story here. I've been told that Congresswoman McCollum was returning a phone call to Olson and was then asked about taconite, not the other way around as reported here earlier this week.

We regret the mistake. McCollum has no connections to the story. Although I do remain concerned about the DCCC's concerns over Tinklenberg's taconite.


eric zaetsch said...

When the Titanic sank, wasn't most of the iceberg invisible, under water?

What's the story?

You keep saying there is one. I could not find a strong story online.

Have I missed lifting a too-obvious rock, to see taconite tailings under it?

Political Muse said...

If McCollum is talking to Olson about problems with Tinklenberg, should Tinklenberg really be using her name as one who supports his candidacy?

Blue man said...

I'll be the first to admit I do not have the subject matter expertise. I know someone who is working on this and the Tinklenberg angle. I'm surprised at the traffic anything Tinklenberg and Taconite related gets. It's more than Tinklenberg lobbying!

In a nutshell, when Tink was MnDOT Commish, Taconite tailings were first being used in lieu of standard road aggregate.

These tailings are 10x more dense than regular aggregate. Tailings are also related to the deaths of miners in Northen MN.

Judge Miles Lord has a lot to say on taconite tailings, and none of it's good.

Through the Tinklenberg Group, Elwyn pimped taconite tailings, which are now commonly used across the state.

Spreading cancer causing taconite tailings is not a good thing.

Like I said, I am not the subject matter expert on this. I know someone who is putting this stuff together.

But I do wonder, why, when the 2T's are posted together, why such a spike in traffic?

Why is the DCCC worried about it? They've spent more time at BMRD looking at taconite stuff than the lobbying stuff.

eric zaetsch said...

Back to one big question -

The I-35 bridge -- was resurfacing done increasing the road-bed mass, while the supporting superstructure [can you say half-the-thickness gussets] had defects; the stuff is touted as good traction material in icy conditions ---

A big, big WHAT IF -

What if the I-35 bridge deck was overloaded, given gusset defects, via resurfacing using the higher density taconite and Tinklenberg and Oberstar's efforts to unload the piles of the garbage into roads caused or was a prime causative factor in that bridge falling - what does that make Tinklenberg when he stepped up in dog and pony fashion and said, "Bridge fell, elect me."

It could be a duplicitous thing, if he knew the situation.

Oberstar sure was quick to jump the NTSB expert saying the gusset situation was problematic.

What if the deck was overloaded, the footings shifted some, the gussets failed, etc.

Isn't Tinklenberg's judgment then at fault and a contributing factor?

And after the NTSB expert spoke, he pipes up with "metallurgy."


And the GOP - not fools when it comes to opposition research, what do they know?

A simple test:
Google = taconite tailings density

I got the following information:

At Brainerd there is a transition from concrete to asphalt at half track. This transition uses taconite tailings instead of rock aggregate in the asphalt. "Taconite tailings are more durable and dense than rock aggregate, making the asphalt's density more similar to concrete. Tailings provide greater tire traction and allow the surface to better withstand the punishing weather extremes that central Minnesota experiences."


Unit Weight: Iron ore and taconite tailings typically have high unit weight values, up to as high as 2700 kg/m3 (170 lb/ft3). The unit of weight of most other tailings sources is expected to range from 1500 to 2000 kg/m3 (90 to 135 lb/ft3), which is comparable to that of most natural aggregates.(7)

General info, with pics of the stuff being used on Minnesota road beds, etc. Big time.

The specific gravity or unit weight of most sources of waste rock will be in approximately the same range as the specific gravity or unit weight of conventional aggregates. However, the specific gravity or unit weight of waste rock from the mining of iron ore and taconite will be considerably higher than that of conventional aggregates. The specific gravity of waste rock can be expected to range from 2.4 to 3.0 for most rock types and from 3.2 to 3.6 for waste rock from iron ore and taconite minings.
Other physical properties of mill tailings include specific gravity, unit weight, and moisture content. There is a scarcity of published information on these properties for most types of mill tailings. The specific gravity of mill tailings, based on limited data, appears to range between 2.60 and 3.35, with most tailings having values under 3.0 except for iron ore and taconite tailings. The dry rodded weight of most mill tailings is likely to range from 1450 to 2200 kg/m33 (90 to 135 lb/ft3).(13) The moisture content of mill tailings is highly variable, depending on the particle sizing of the tailings and the percent solids of the tailing slurry. Mill tailings are almost always nonplastic.

I don't pretend to know all the facts, but Tinklenberg knows more facts about what he's been up to than I know; and certainly far more than he has disclosed, lobbying-wise, taconite-wise.

Tinklenberg should not hide from a "6t" vetting, (the total Tinklenberg taconite tailings truthfulness), should he?

It's disclosure, or more of the same. We want a 6t vetting, don't we, and not more of the same?

So how do you get an ostrich to talk? With the head buried in hiding, and elsewhere exposed, where should you poke the critter?

eric zaetsch said...

A bit of a different thing, but not entirely. Does any reader know anything about this Tinklenberg campaign email? It seems these sessions might be a fine opportunity for Senate District delegates to ask the hard questions: What about the revolving door? What about taconite tailings, the bridge, etc.? We should all plan to attend at least one session, and ask the unanswered questions delegates need answered.

Here's the email text:

"Dear Eric,

"Congratulations on being elected a delegate to your senate district convention! Thank you for your commitment to strengthening our democracy and our party.

"We at the Tinklenberg campaign would like to invite you to a Tinklenberg for Congress Convention Delegate Training, to make sure you feel confident and prepared as we head into the conventions over the next month. These one-hour trainings will walk you through the convention process and show you how you can work for El at your convention to ensure that he wins the DFL endorsement.

"As you know, it is essential that we endorse a strong candidate who can win in November. We hope you can make it to one of these three trainings, and take the first step toward "kissing" Michele Bachmann goodbye!

"Saturday, March 1, 10:00 AM. Anoka Carpenters Hall, 1534 S Ferry St., Anoka.

"Tuesday, March 11, 5:00 PM. Anoka Hennepin Education Minnesota, 3200 Main St., Suite 360, Coon Rapids.

"Tuesday, March 25, 5:00 PM. Anoka Hennepin Education Minnesota, 3200 Main St., Suite 360, Coon Rapids.
We would like to invite you to join El at an upcoming delegate house party in your area. These house parties are a great opportunity to get to know Elwyn, and learn more about his campaign for the DFL's endorsement in the 6th District.

"Thank you for taking the time to be involved in the process. We hope to see you soon."