Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tinklenberg Campaign does not heart Two Putt Tommy

For the record, they probably don't like Blueman much either...

Mr. Two Putt tried to contact the Tinklenberg Campaign today to discuss how they came up with a 60% delegate count.

Check out the action!
Of the named subcaucuses in 56, only 2 of 'em had Tink in their names, and they only took 3 of the 17 delegates. In 52, there was a "Tinklenberg - Uncommitted" subcaucus that took 2 delegates, a Franken-Tinklenberg that took 1 delegage, and there MIGHT have been another subcaucus with Tinklenberg in it's name that took 4 delegates - maybe. So, out of 17 delegates in 52, Tinklenberg at best got 7, at worst only 3.

Even at best, in 52, that's still only 7. Add that 7 to the 3 from 56, and Tinklenberg only took 10 of 27 - a far cry from "...nearly 60% of the delegates chosen."

Since John Wodele's name was on the Press Release, I called him this morning with a simple question: "How did the campaign come up with 60%?"

And boy, did I get an earful.

Don't sweat it Two Putt, they're still trying to figure out how to li...deciev...fi...twi...distort their way around the DC Watchdog's Lobbying story.

Did Tinklenberg's people go to Randy Demmer Math School?


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