Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bachmann diminutive in character?

So said Tom Emmer at the CD 6 convention, according to Larry Schumacher at the SC Times.
"We have good fortune of having person represent us, who may be diminutive in character, but who speaks with a loud voice for us in Washington D.C.

"Did I make a mistake? (crowd yells, "Stature, not character!"). "Well, I assure you, it was not a freudian slip. She has great character."

Hurries to end and intros Bachmann.

I bet it was the "other Tom Emmer" that said it though...

Also from Schumacher's live blog of the CD 6 GOP Convention...
Mike Bauman, Vets for Freedom Minnesota state chairman, addressing crowd immediately after Bachmann:

"My fellow Minnesotans, my fellow Republicans, distinguished delegates ...

"I am an Iraq War veteran ... proud Republican and committed Christian believer.

But their efforts in Forest Lake were non-partisan...right.

According to Schumacher, Bachmann left during this Veterans speech.


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lloydletta said...

This was excellent coverage by Larry Schumacher. TW Budig mentioned how this was unusual for the Republican Party to ban media video/audio taping of the convention.